Wellness is becoming increasingly significant on a global scale, and with this, naturally, comes sleep and the bedroom. It’s not surprising, then, that bedding and bedroom furniture have moved in a body- and soul-nourishing direction of late.

Security Swaddle

Taking a softer turn is Bonnsu, with its Security Swaddle, a child’s swaddling blanket and scarf in one: “As the baby becomes more capable the swaddle adjusts, allowing him or her more freedom to explore, while always providing a feeling of emotional comfort and safety,” say Bonnsu founders Adam and Ai Su Bonnier.

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56 Daybed

Ron Gilad’s 56 Daybed for Adele-c, has a sense of playful lightheartedness mixed with practicality. “I allowed myself the freedom to play with extreme irony and scale, while maintaining the balance between the useful and the abstract; going all the way to the edge of the cliff but not jumping off,” says Gilad of the 56 collection.strong>

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Dlite Nitelite

The Nite Lite concept from Dlite is a nightlight with a difference and is tailor made to Children’s needs. The funky little night light is bright, cheerful and packed full of useful and energy-saving innovations.

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We all know that there is nothing more comforting than grasping hold of a warm mug and slurping down the content just before heading to bed or whilst indulging in a lie-in. Caressing good quality porcelain as you sip is warming on both a physical and emotional level, and this mug lets you get even more intimate than usual.

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Offering a new way of sitting and sleeping, Pillow is a giant and soft carpet. Adjustable and comfortable for grown-ups in need of a midday nap, they also provide kids with an amazing playground to hide in.

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Cradle Chair

The Cradle Chair is about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment in which the user can dissipate the over-stimulation of their senses. The chair’s central concept: “if you design for the extremes then the middle will sort itself out”.

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