If you’re looking for a unique antique piece to add as a finishing touch at home, Cat Street is the place for you. The antique shopping street is actually located on Upper Lascar Row near Hollywood Road, but it has become commonly known as Cat Street Market in Hong Kong. With antique pieces for sale aged over 100 years, this antique shoppers’ paradise is bound not to disappoint the average buyer.

Common items

Antique items on Cat Street range in prices, sizes and age. While certain items are guaranteed for its authentic quality and age, please be aware that certain items are simply modern reproductions intended for interior decoration. Some of the most popular items found on Cat Street tend to be from the Communist era, such as Chairman Mao figurines and reproductions of Little Red Books. At the street stalls, you can also expect to find traditional Chinese coins, small pieces of jade and larger items such as ceramic horsemen.

Antique shops

Other than street stalls, there are also antique shops on Cat Street. If you have a good eye and are willing to get your hands a little dirty, interesting and precious pieces can often be found at the back of these stalls. As a first time antique buyer, you can expect to bargain a little with the owners, but don’t expect a large discount. If you practice the art of bargaining and one of your tactics includes walking away from the stall, chances are the owner won’t run after you with an offer of a massively discounted price!

If you’re up for a little sightseeing, you can also discover a piece of Old Hong Kong in surrounding areas by heading to famous spots such as Man Mo Temple, Victoria Prison, Police Married Quarters, Cain Lane Garden and Hollywood Road Park. Historical buildings may be disappearing in Hong Kong due to urbanization and gentrification, but at the moment locals and tourists can still visit a piece of old Hong Kong in the heart of the city.