Storage is one of life’s necessities; We all need somewhere to put our stuff. Traditional storage solutions include chest of drawers, wardrobes, bookcases, units, cupboards, shelves and ottomans. These practical pieces are often square, large and with the same design for centuries. Putting your stuff away doesn’t need to be boring, however. We’ve rounded up a collection of sexy storage options that will blow your mind.

Plateau Storage Unit
This piece of sexy storage was showcased at Milan this year and is the brainchild of Swedish firm Note Design Studio. At the design’s core are simple white steel tubes that slot into oak bases and platforms to create a clothes and shoe rack, perfect for the hall. “In Scandinavia it is very common to take off your shoes when you come home and there is always a problem with where to put them,” Cristiano Pigazzini of Note Design Studio explains.

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Fun House Shelves

Modular furniture is the latest thing when it comes to storage. Marco Ripa’s Fun House shelves are a fun way to store your stuff in a funky way that is also adaptable. As Ripa himself puts it: “The collection is a composition of a table and four seating units. The pieces are made using rolled sheet metal. The pieces are modular and as a result several unique combinations can be produced.”

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Levien Storage Cabinet

Doshi Levien presented these storage units during the 2014 Salone del Mobile. The collection is inspired by common materials found in various places in the developing world and its façades are made from colourful corrugated iron in a modern patchwork pattern.

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Tela Shelving

Architect Zaha Hadid has created Tela Shelving from strips of black granite. The strips are cantilevered and elongated to create a flowing, flexible and hypnotic storage solution. “Tela is a shelving system characterised by an interesting dichotomy: the solidity of the black granite of which it is composed seemingly dissipates with the elongated cantilevers,” said Hadid.

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Stackle Shelving System

STACKLE is a modular shelving system which specially focuses on each detail. The cross-section of the four legs is intentionally designed for stacking. When the shelves are flipped horizontally and stacked on top of another one, the legs perfectly insert down and sit on the lower shelf. The project was first shown at Ventura Lambrate 2014 as a part of Another Perspective 2 exhibition which was curated by COTTO.

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Shape Shelving

When it comes to furniture, people are used to placing an object within a square space. Erik and Kyuhyung were interested in diversifying the relationship between object and space to create furniture as rooms for objects. The focus was to explore the mix-and-match quality of the ensemble in our spaces from a graphical approach.

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