Festive gift ideas for the whole family this holiday season.

For dads

NOMOS Glashütte Tangente

They say money can’t buy time but NOMOS’ watches serve as a reminder of how priceless it is. While luxury timepieces usually cost an arm and a leg, NOMOS Glashütte’s mechanical watches are more wallet-friendly, making it great festive gift for dad. The German brand’s latest series—Tangente—is sleek and elegant in design and comes in various colours; like the brand’s every watch, the collection showcases NOMOS’ exquisite craftsmanship.

For grandparents

Panasonic My Momi Thermal Massage Lounger

After decades of hard work, who doesn’t want to live more comfortably in their golden years? Panasonic’s My Momi Thermal Massage Lounger EP-MAC8 measures just 68cm in width and the airbag at the footrest is retractable which helps minimise space too. Its “Heat Massage” programme provides massages from the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back all the way down to the feet, complemented by four key massage techniques of kneading, tapping, rolling and stretching.

For brothers

AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods has a stellar reputation for its minimal and fashionable design and they have come out with its newest addition, the AirPods Pro. Unlike many in-ear headphones in which the ear tips go deep into your ear canals, this pair of earbuds sit only slightly inside while still staying snug. Though its size is bigger than the its older version, the new one is water resistant and has active noise cancellation. Perfect for all the audiophiles out there!

For mums

Chanel 19 bag

2019 is a sentimental year for Chanel, with its legendary creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, having passed away. The Chanel 19, the new bag series the late designer collaborated with his successor, Virginie Viard, was his last gift to the fashion world. The number 19 references more than just the year the bag was launched in; it is also an important number for the brand as it marks Gabrielle Chanel’s birth date (August 19). With different colours, materials and sizes, the Chanel 19 will always be a fashion statement for mum.

For sisters

Lancôme x Chiara Ferragni Limited Edition

Every year Lancome collaborates with prestigious brands and celebrities to launch a limited edition makeup capsule collection. This year, Lancome partnered with its brand ambassador and world-famous KOL Chiara Ferragni to roll out the latest Lancôme x Chiara Ferragni series. Create glowing looks with the makeup palette’s assortment of lip glosses, lipsticks, glazes, blushes and eye shadows. All products are wrapped in shiny pink packaging bearing the KOL’s signature blue eye logo, which is bound to capture the heart of every girl.

For kids

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon

For Star Wars super fans, nothing will be more exciting than the new Star Wars film—Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Riding on that trend, LEGO launched Star Wars-themed play sets. The biggest highlight has to be the new version of the Millennium Falcon, showcasing the finest details and structures of the fictional starship, along with multiple action figures of characters in the latest movie, such as Captain Lando Calrissian.