During her four-year hiatus from the recording studio, the queen of Cantopop has been taking good care of herself, mind and body. She now greets her fans with a new album about “love”.

It is true that compared to perhaps a decade ago, Sammi Cheng has taken an easier pace when it comes to her musical career. Home is an important base for her to unwind and find her daily inspirations. “In general I like Scandinavian home styles but the furniture can be more colourful. The view is also important. I like to be able to see trees and green hills with a bit of the sea view,” she said.

Cooking, Writing And People Watching

A quality life also means a healthy mind and happiness for Sammi. “When I don’t have to work, I amuse myself with activities. I cook new dishes and write a little. That’s how I enjoy life.” But even when she’s resting, she is always trying to perfect her craft in some ways. “It’s important to read more books and watch more movies. I also like to listen to radio channels from different countries because I can be exposed to different types of music. Observing people, and analysing why they do what they do help improve my acting as well.”

After a period of resting, Sammi wants to present different sides of herself in her new album. “The fans all want the songs to speak to them so I want to touch on many subject matters. The album is not just about romance, or religion, or dance beats, but has a bit of everything,” she explained.

Love Is Love

Most songs we hear are about love, but what Sammi wants to say is that there are many kinds of love: romantic love, love among friends and family, love for your pets, love for God… Love is the basis of all relationships. “However if you love someone, you have to be genuine and sincere. Faking in any form is terrible!”

A new album after four years naturally brings pressure, but Sammi knows how to deal with high expectations and the challenges that come with it. “You face unexpected difficulties in every endeavour, so just treat them as learning opportunities. I’m a straightforward problem solver. I ask for help from people who are smarter than me, or professionals whenever I encounter problems. There are no problems that are too difficult. As I believe in God, I leave everything, from the work itself to the end result, to God.”

She hopes people can enjoy her music without any preconceptions. “Music is sharing not judgment. Every album is unique and should be treated on its own.”

Extracted from Squarefoot – Luxe Indulgence Magazine 2014
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