Did you reach your goals set for the Year of Snake? We hope you have had a fulfilling 2013, but don’t stress if you have a few unchecked items on the list. With less than one month before the Chinese New Year, let’s get ready to welcome the Year of Horse. Here are a few tips on positive and negative orientations for the coming year.
East – Sickness
The east will be where negativity gathers. Try to keep bright coloured items away from this area, including any decorations in the range of red, orange and purple.

Southeast – Gossip and Conflict
The southeast is prone to arguments and lawsuits. If the main entrance is at the southeast, try your best to keep calm and manage your emotions. A good way to balance out the negative energy is to place a red floor mat or decoration at the entrance.

South –Wealth and Promotion 
The outlook for the south is one of the most positive. If an entrance or window faces this direction, congratulations! You are all set up to welcome good luck. Try to keep your window open and clutter-free. Where possible, keep this direction moving and lively to maximise its influence. 
Southwest – Relationships and Networking 
With a relationship star at the southwest, the outlook is very positive for relationship-based industries where communications are essential, such as public relations, sales, marketing and insurance. This positivity for networking and movement also brings good luck for retail, trade and tourism.

West – Power and Achievements
As the west represents power, it helps increase your income and chances for promotion. It is a great benefit to government officials, managers and those who engage in technical roles. 

Northwest – Negativity and Devastation
The northwest is prone to gathering negativity. It is best to keep the area peaceful and low-key, and avoid any kind of construction or renovation where possible. If you are keen on decorations, stay away from red hues or items associated with the fire element. 

North – Romance and Celebrations 
North is a lucky direction for romance, marriage, births and relationships. If you are on the lookout, place nine red coloured flowers in the south to enhance your romantic luck. For couples, a photo of you and your loved one in the same spot can strengthen the relationship. 

Northeast – Losses in Finance and Relationships
The northeast will also be a source for negative energy for finance, conflicts and losses in particular. Water element in this direction is recommended. A practical approach is to keep a small aquarium with six black molly fish.

Core Area / Centre – Academics and Literacy
The core area is ideal for office work and academic studies and relocating desks to this direction is a good way to welcome this positive energy. To maximise the positivity, place four Lucky Bamboo in this direction.

Quick and Easy Feng Shui Settings 

Career Luck 
Place red-coloured items in the south and eight pebbles in the west. 
Better Luck for Business Growth 
Place eight pebbles in the south, and feng shui water columns in the southwest.

Romance and Relationships for Singles 

Keep colourful flowers (with water) in the southwest end of the bedroom, and nine red coloured silk flowers in the north.

Romance and Relationships for Couples
Place red-coloured items in the southeast; keep a ceramic rooster in the southwest. The placement of rooster will minimise possibilities of new relationships.

Good Luck for Sale of Property
Place an electrical fan in the southwest and keep it on at all times. Keep a bucket of clean water with a yellow-coloured bucket and place it in the south.

Minimise Sickness and Negativity
Place copper-made wind chimes in the northwest, along with a copper-made Chinese bottle gourd in the east.