Now that we’ve covered different aspects of DIY feng shui settings in and around your living space, I hope you are picking up some understanding on channeling positive energy. Most people use feng shui to improve luck for living spacse, in fact, there are approaches that specify for individual’s luck. 

In “<a a="" Hitting The Feng Shui Book”, we uses the Star Chart to locate the Wen Chang (文昌) direction, channeling good luck for study and academic matters. As mentioned, there is another approach in locating the Wen Chang through birth day calculations. So, what’s the difference? It’s two different approaches, the Star Charts is the annual direction, and the birth date calculation finds out your personal Wen Chang direction! 

Feng shui calculations can be complicated. Don’t worry, I have aligned here an easy-to-use reference table to locating the direction of Wen Chang. It can be easily located by looking at the last digit of your birth year.

Say, if you are born in 1979, then your Wen Chang direction will be in the Northeast. If you kid was born in 2006, his or her Wen Chang is in the Southwest. 

Once you’ve found out your personal Wen Chang direction, orient your desk towards this direction to capture the good luck to improve your academic performances. Mind you, before relocating your desk and the furniture around the house, be sure to avoid certain settings that could hinder negativity and causes distractions.  

What’s above you Counts!
If your desk is immediately under the ceiling beams, the lowered clearing will create tension, affecting your study and focus. If you are going to relocate your desk, it is best to stay away from ceiling beams. 

Mirror Off

<a a="" Mirror have many great uses in feng shui settings. However, when it comes to settings for studies, it is best to keep <a a="" mirrors away from your desk. If you have a <a a="" mirror behind your back, the reflection can become distractions. Try covering it up or move it away when you are studying at your desk.

Facing the Doorway

Having a desk that faces towards the door is not a good idea either. Previously, we have explained the <a a="" importance of doorways. “Qi” enters the room through the doorway, the incoming energy will affect your concentration. If relocating either the desk or the doorway is not an option, keep the door close during your study will reduce the distraction and impact. 

Hopefully, the simple feng shui tips can help you, or your kids, with better lucks in school and throughout your schooling experiences. Remember, becoming a scholar requires a combination of hard-work, patience, and sometimes, luck! Don’t be overly stressed about what’s showing on the report card. Academic result is merely an assessment on academic performances; it does not reveal non-academic capability or personality.  

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.