Rest RoomAnyone that’s walked through the maze of malls and office towers in Central has likely passed the massive Giorgio Armani complex smack-dab in the middle of it all. There’s Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani/Bar, Armani/Fiori, Armani/Libri … you get the idea. The entire building holds together largely due to the consistency of the interiors, which are defined by Armani’s signature aesthetic. Imagine that aesthetic, if you will, in your bathroom.

Teaming up with Spanish bathroom designer Roca, the newly launched Armani/Roca, available exclusively in Hong Kong through colourliving in Wanchai, is a concept designed to re-dedicate the bathroom to the senses. While a sensual trip to the loo (head, can, throne room, whatever) may seem a bit of a stretch, think for a moment of how many people you know that would redesign their home and install a bare bones kitchen — but a grandiose bathroom. Probably quite a few.

In a press statement designer Armani explained, “When it came to creating this exclusive space with Roca, I imagined a completely innovative concept which would combine practicality and pleasure in a completely effortless and natural way. A beautiful and harmonious space that would elegantly and subtly combine all the functional aspects of a bathroom, whilst at the same time providing an area of comfort and wellbeing.” The final product is a fully integrated luxurious suite that is typical Armani: clean lines, graceful connections and functionally stylish.

The concept is rooted in combining four distinct elements into a seamless whole. The whole room is broken down into beauty, shower, bath and basic sections, each with a defined purpose. The beauty area’s shallow, unfussy basins, soft-glide drawers and hidden cabinetry and hardware also boast steam resistant mirrors. In the wellness shower area the option of a broad overhead rainforest fixture, a cascade waterfall, jet shower massage or handheld nozzle is offered, where the wellness bath is marked by a tub designed for relaxation, complete with soft headrest as well as water and LED chromo therapy features. Rounding out the suite is the basic needs area, with its soft-close bidet and toilet lids, dual flush touch technology and smoothly integrated housing for all bathroom accessories.

Armani’s defining neutral colours, textured porcelain tiles for walls and floors, elegant custom cut floor-to-ceiling dividers in a bicoloured mesh behind glass — that feature an optional opaqueness mechanism for controlling exactly how private and intimate each area will be — and multi-format spot lighting to complement the general soft atmospheric lighting are standard to each specialised area.

On the infrastructure side it’s all supported with Roca technology to fulfil the functionality of the room, such as energy- and watersaving fixtures, hidden outflow drains and a silicone anti-limescale system on nozzles to simplify maintenance.

It should come as no surprise that the Armani/ Roca bathroom comes with a stiff price tag — we’re talking seven digits for the works — but each segment will be available individually. If you do decide to splash out on the ultimate bathroom but can’t afford the space, you’re free to pick and choose the elements you really want or need. The final bathroom can be spread out and a la carte shopping can mean matching powder rooms elsewhere in a home. Note, however, the Armani wardrobe to slip into after showering is sold separately.