Recycling is a great idea, but it is definitely not glamorous. Up-cycling on the other hand promises more; to bring fashion, design and recycling together. The Medence fashion bags that are being featured at Green Room on Graham Street in Soho are a good example of what can be done with recycled material and really showcase how up-cycling works. 

Medence is the creation of Budapest, Hungary based Designer Gergo Maygar. Gergo, with a background in sustainable design and architecture, wanted to create an exciting retail fashion brand that was truly eco-friendly. Through his work with advertising agencies and corporate clients he developed the concept of recycling outdoor advertising banners and up-cycling them into one of a kind, handmade fashion bags and accessories. 

The Medence concept is truly win-win: advertising agencies donate the banners and save on the disposal fees, the company who’s advertising banners are used get the recognition of supporting green initiatives and customers get to own a beautiful designer bag. 

The up-cycling trend is really starting to gain momentum, with designers in Hong Kong, and around the world creating jewelry, watches, clothing from recycled materials. Who know recycling could be this cool?