Who doesn’t want to have a warm and welcoming place to call home? Regardless of size, location or value, a dream home always comprises a relaxing ambiance.

Ambiance is not an easy element to manage. Design and décor can set stage for the right atmosphere, but how you react psychologically to a space that makes you feel safe and secure is the key. How do we manage our reactions? Simple. Manage the surrounding energies.

In feng shui studies, there are rituals that will “cleanse” the energy of your prospective home, which could be referred to as “claiming your space.” The common practise is to perform the ritual as soon as you take ownership of a property, which differs from the move-in rituals mentioned previously.

Starting with a Clean Slate

“Worshipping the Corners” is the first step to setting the boundaries of your space. The concept is meant to acknowledge the existing energies and politely request their departure in a peaceful manner. This ritual should be done before placing any of your belongings into the home. Here are the steps for the simple ritual:

1. Gift-prepping

As with most cultural practises, a friendly greeting comes with food and gifts.

Traditionally, the food offerings include tea, wine, peanuts, sweets, tofu, bean sprouts, pork, duck eggs and pears. The modern version is much simpler; offering good food is fair enough. As for gifts, simply go to any Chinese Shrines and Offerings stores and get a set of paper offerings and incense.

If you own the property, pick up a Property Ownership Certificate- Paper Offering Version as well. This document will serve as a proof of your ownership once you burn it with your other offerings.

2. Greet and Treat

The next step is to divide the paper offering into five equal sets. Place the first set at the centre and the four others in the respective corners of the property.

At each of the five sets, bow three times, while holding a set of three lit incense sticks. The key is to get the order right. Start at the centre then proceed in a clockwise direction beginning with the north.

The last part of the ritual is to burn the paper offerings. For property owners, this is the time to include your purchased Certificate with the burning of the offerings. This burning ritual can be a potential fire hazard, so be sure to burn it safely in a fireproof tin canister. Once all the paper is burnt into ash, the ritual will be completed and your property will be cleansed.

These move-in and cleansing rituals date back centuries and evolved based on a mix of folklore, beliefs and family culture. As there is no way to confirm the existence of negative energy in our surroundings, the same goes for the effectiveness of these rituals.

The most important element is you, the inhabitant, and how you feel about the space after the ritual. With the energy cleansed, the next step is to fill it with positivity through furnishing, design and some simple feng shui settings. If you are keen to follow through with more rituals, check out our Feng Shui article Moving In A New Home for more.

Until next time, stay relaxed, healthy and positive!