Chinese societies believe that balance and stable “Qi” contributes to a smooth and healthy pregnancy. As we learn in our previous article, feng shui can improve the balance of “Qi”, and block out negative energy. 

Kitchen and bedroom are the two major elements that contribute to the health and stability of both the expectant mother and the unborn child. In general, it is believed that expectant mother should avoid excessive movement and activities during pregnancy.

Balancing the “Qi” 

Kitchen represents the workplace of women in tradition, hence kitchen feng shui plays an important role in women’s well being. The stove, in particularly, relates to pregnancy and it is best to keep the stove stable during pregnancy. Stove relocation or damaged stove is believed to bring miscarriage. (Refer to <a a="" Kitchen in Feng Shui article for more details on kitchen feng shui.)  

Bedroom is the place where the expectant mother, and unborn child, rest and restore their “Qi”. It is important to keep the bed balance and stable. There is a cultural practice to keep scissors and needles away from the bed. It is believed that needlework on the bed have adverse affect on the appearance of the unborn child. 

Say No to Negative Stars

In 2012, there are two negative stars that worth noting for improving stability during pregnancy. the “Er Hei Star” (Two Dark Star / 二黑星) and the “Wu Wang Star” (No. 5 Yellow Misfortune Star/ 五黃星). The “Er Hei Star” is known for bringing sickness and poor health, while the “Wu Wang Star” is the most dreaded star amongst all. It gathers negative energy that brings setbacks, misfortune, sickness and disasters.  
In 2012, the “Ren Chen” (壬辰) year, the “Er Hei Star” situates in the north and the  “Wu Wang Star” is in the southeast. It is best to keep these areas quiet and stable. A metallic “Hulu” (gourd-shaped bottle represents an ancient symbol of health) will hinder the negativity of the negative stars.  

Color up for the new life!
In feng shui studies, you can use color to assist your chance in with pregnancy. If you are planning for a new member in your family, you can decorate your bedroom with light yellow or light pink colors. This color combination can create a warm and loving ambiance. It is best not to choose dark and cold color for this circumstance. It is important to remember, however, the redecoration should be done beforehand, but not during pregnancy.

Quietness and calmness are the key elements during pregnancy. Expectant mother should avoid activity such as renovation, construction, drilling, and relocation. If your window is looking out onto construction sites, it is best to keep the curtain down at all times in order to shield the mother and the unborn child from <a a="" external negative energy.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.