If you had to, how would you start a new life in a post-apocalyptic world? Pick any one of your favorite apocalyptic movies or series and follow this guide to post-apocalyptic living. You’ll be surprised at how many of these clever products will fit perfectly into a post-apocalyptic lifestyle as well as one right now. So have a little bit of fun and let a little imagination take you as far as it can.

Fab Tree Hab

In the dark world of the future, accommodation will be scarce. You will have to look to nature to shelter you. It’s best to go for a happy medium with the Fab Tree Hab. This ingenious design is “grown” entirely out of plant matter and uses nature’s own strengths and beauty to create a safe and peaceful space. Just make sure you predict the end of humanity by at least a couple of years to allow the Hab to grow.

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Once you’ve got a roof over your head you’re going to have to start finding something to eat in the post-apocalyptic forest. Unsure if that purple-spotted oozing mushroom is safe to eat? Maybe it’s best to grow your own food. Nourishmat is gardening made simple. Just plop it on the ground and shove the required seeds/bulbs in the holes. The new method requires just 20 percent of the normal space and resources required of traditional planting. You’ll be chowing down in no time.

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Re-entering the Danger Zone

Outside the safety of your forest, the landscape will be scarred with toxic waste dumps, the air polluted by the fuming remains of infrastructure and choking bio-hazards. Don’t, therefore, return to “civilisation” without this handy piece of kit from Chiu Chih. Simply pop a bit of oxygen-generating foliage in the back, strap on the mouthpiece and fresh, clean air is yours to enjoy as you pick through the rubble.

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Be Adaptable

As weeks turn into months and months turn into years, you’re going to need to adapt to your surroundings to survive. In order to thrive in your new habitat you’re going to have to start fashioning local materials into svelte pieces of design. Take inspiration from the Hangzhou stool by Min Chen. Never has bamboo been so sustainably and so beautifully appropriated.

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Eco Ambience

Another way to add a bit of comfort and style to your apocalyptic home of the future is with the father of all Eco-design, the Koura lampshade from David Trubridge. The Koura’s name and shape is inspired by freshwater shrimps so it will look right at home in the forest. The lampshade comes flat-packed so it’s easy to transport and you get the pleasure of constructing it yourself.

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Be Prepared (for a night out)

If a chance to put on your dancing shoes does arise in the dystopian forest and you haven’t got any suitably sexy footwear you’ll kick yourself. Luckily, Liz Ciokaljo has developed stylish and eco-friendly footwear using natural non-woven materials and bio resin. Either pack a pair with you or study how they’re made so you can bang out a pair from hemp and reeds the day before the jungle party.

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Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.