Established in 2012, Parent’s Parents is a Hong Kong street art collective consisting of young artists specialising in graffiti art and illustration. Dedicated to exploring the limitlessness of chaos, exceptional beauty and modernity, Parent’s Parents like to spread their ideas and works in the streets and beyond. We had a chat with the collective members Jimjimjimson, Ysoo, Chris Sing and Wong Tin Yau to find out more about the inspiration behind their artworks, what fascinates them and more.

What originally made you want to become an artist?
Ysoo: We have always loved street art, typography and character drawing. We believe that anyone could be a street artist — you just have to go outside and do something in the streets.

How would you describe your artistic style?
Jimjimjimson: We do not have a specific style, we like trying different things. Mainly we focus on combining a graphic style with illustrations and calligraphy.

You guys have adorned the walls of Ovolo Southside hotel in Hong Kong with your striking art. What was the inspiration behind these murals?
Sing: Our inspiration was “When East meets the West”, so we researched the impact of Western culture colliding with the East, and depicted what we found in our style.

Which one of the murals you created for Southside is your personal favourite, and why?
Yau: We like Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate, the mural that says “Good morning”. For us, this work is the equivalent of someone talking to you after you first step out of your room, ready for a new day.

Who or what are you currently fascinated by, and how does this manifest in your work?
Ysoo: Lately, we have been fascinated by vintage characters and calligraphy. We are currently working with earthy tones and pastel colours to make our art look aged.

What projects are you working on right now and what are your future plans?
Yau: We are working on a mural for a restaurant. In the future, we hope that our works will take us to different countries and enable us meet new friends all over the world.