Indoor plants are wonderful embellishments, decorations, and pieces of interior design. They are not only eye-catching, but bring a feeling of life, vitality and health to a room. For a typically small and stuffy flat in Hong Kong, this atmosphere and quality is felt in double. Some of us have natural green thumbs and are able to tend to the most delicate of flowers, but most of us aren’t so successful and avoid keeping plants as a consequence. However, there are viable options for both camps.

For the former, live plants are wonderful, vibrant housemates when happy and well-cared for. Just make sure to read and heed the care instructions of your plant, as each will have different requirements. Beyond providing a more organic feel, live plants are particularly beneficial in Hong Kong because of their air purifying properties. With the pollution levels in Hong Kong a constant concern of residents and their families, natural air purification is a welcome option for those who have the time and inclination to foster greenery in the home. Local plants I suggest are English Ivy, Peace Lily, Spider Plant and Rubber Plant among others. Beautiful indoor pots can be found in local markets or places like Horizon Plaza and can be combined with trellises and climbing plants to make use of vertical space in a practical, visually refreshing way.

For people who love plants but lack the light to grow them, there are several options. LED lights are quite cheap nowadays and offer bulb and strip options, which makes it increasingly easy to have vibrant plants and even flowers growing in the home. For something quite convenient and unique, check out locally grown Liliput Tales and their signature product, Mossariums – hand-crafted mini moss ecosystems that live in a glass jar. They’re a creative and low-maintenance greenery option that thrives in Hong Kong’s humidity, require little sun and water, and are beautiful display items in themselves.

For those who travel regularly, lack natural sunlight in their homes, or are otherwise plant-averse, silk plants are a great option. I personally prefer green silk trees or silk potted plants to silk flowers because they look more natural. Although silk plants are not living organisms, they do require some regular maintenance, such as dusting and careful placement in the home. When deciding on a location, just think of them as living plants. They tend to look best in natural places, such as next to windows, on window sills, by doors and other central visual points; avoid damp bathrooms, laundry areas and closed kitchens, where they may otherwise collect grime and mildew. Trek no further than IKEA to find inexpensive green silk shrubs and other kinds of plants!

Whether live or silk, there’s every reason to have greenery brightening up and bringing life into any room of your Hong Kong apartment.