The weather is significantly cooler and the Christmas lights are sparkling in every street corner, everything around us is setting stage for the most celebrated holiday in the year, CHRISTMAS!

With Christmas only a few weeks away, have you start prepping for the Christmas Dinner?  If you are going to keep up with the Christmas turkey tradition, here are some tips on how you can make the perfect turkey for your friends and family.

Quality Starts on the Farm

Every year, GREAT specially arranges a full range of turkeys to be raised by Mary Pitman for your exclusive selection. We take comfort in knowing that the Pitman family’s dedication to the care and handling of the birds meets the highest standards of ethical, humane and sustainable
farming practices.

Mary’s free-range turkeys enjoy a grain-rich vegetarian diet and spacious pastures four-fold the expanse of typical turkey farms. Raised naturally without antibiotics, animal by-products, hormones, preservatives or additives, these birds are destined for a memorable farm-to-feast celebration.

Selecting the Right Portion

It is not the easiest decisions when it comes to converting the weight of a turkey into the number of headcounts gathering around the dinner table. The rule of thumb is to estimate it at around 450g per person.

After picking out the  perfect turkey, the next important step is to cook it right. An important element is gauging the cooking time accordingly. Here’s some general guideline on the cooking time relative to the weight and condition of your turkey.

Roast completely thawed at 325°F (160°C) for the approximate time listed above or until the
temperature reaches 165°F (73°C) on an instant-read thermometer.

Note: Mary’s Heritage Turkeys are similar to wild turkeys, so consider reducing the cooking time to a finished temperature of 155°F (68°C).

Perfectly Moist and Delicious Turkey Tips

Many experienced or amateur cooks often follow standard recipes, yet, the turkey might not turned out as tender as it is expected to be.  There are many tiny details that could affect the taste and texture of your turkey. Unless you are lucky to have a family-owned “Grandma’s Secret Recipe” to follow, sometimes it is not easy to cook the perfect turkey.

GREAT’s Executive Chief, Timothy Broderick, has shared his turkey tips that will make all the difference in cooking a delicious turkey for the perfect Christmas Feast. 

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