Plastic is fantastic but paper is better! Paper is a great material because contrary to common believe it’s good used flat and 3D. So paper can be full of surprises, and here are some for you to offer, for him or for her.

Live strong!
Umustbestrong paper Roll by Creatife

©Creatife “Umustbestrong paper roll” –

This common object (toilet paper roll, come on) comes from a rather bizarre set of circumstances. The designer Liang Yuanwei says she sat down and started typing “umustbestrong” 44 times on her typewriter when she realized that it was the equivalent to 2 sections of toilet paper. First an art installation, it’s now a product in limited edition of 2000 pieces with a serial number on each box.
100% paper pulp, eco-friendly ink

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Suit up in paper!
Dress for Dinner Napkin by Héctor Serrano

© Héctor Serrano “Dress for dinner” –

Paper can be chic. Forget your usual plain napkins and surprise your colleagues or friends with a classy napkin at your next lunch break! Héctor Serrano reinterprets a very usual object and makes it special, giving it a fun aesthetic.

Doodle and scribble on your wrist!
Paper Write-On Watch by SUCK UK

©Write-On watch –

The great thing about this watch is that you can write, erase, re-write on the band… Perfect for doodling and scribbling! And since you can erase you don’t have to be ashamed when going on a business meeting with a white watch. But as soon as you pass the door you can show originality by doodling whatever’s on your mind. For more durability, the watch feels like paper but has a plastic (polyethylene) band.
Polyethylene, digital watch components
8.75″ L x 1″ W

Wrap it up!
Paper case for MacBook Air 11 by UEG

©UEG “Paper case for MacBook Air 11” –

This laptop paper case if perfect for any working man: it’s discrete and efficient. On the aesthetic side the paper touch is very enjoyable, the color neutral with no huge distinctive signs or logos, the cut fit so it doesn’t overshadow the shape of the Mac. For the efficiency it’s very light weight so practical to carry around, very durable and water resistant thanks to the Tyvek paper and it opens easily and closes safely with magnets hidden in the fold.
100% Tyvek
25,5cm / 35cm

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Listen to music!
Origaudio Foldable speakers

©OrigAudio portable speakers –

We’ll skip the fact that the quality may not be the best on the market to focus on the goods of these speakers. The name comes from a contraction of Origami and audio. They are made of recycled paper (but you can get them in cardboard), perfectly foldable, and don’t need any power source AT ALL (just plug them to your computer). That makes them the top portable speakers of the summer. The bonus: you can customize them.
3.15″ 1-watt
Recycled paper

Read the news!
Paper Skin Vintage Newspaper by byLento

©byLento “Paper skin vintage newspaper” for iPhone 5 –

Nostalgic of print medias but non-assumed tech addict? Paper Skin Vintage Newspaper by byLento is made for you. Your iPhone 5 might needs a protective skin. Rather than a regular case for iPhone 5 you might be looking for something lighter. This is exactly what those skins will provide, this and having an old-school print. This paper “case” for iPhone 5 is water and stain resistant, durable and recyclable. It also holds a pocket for your most important cards.
Tyvek (paper), removable sticky pad

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