Ornamentation 101As feng shui gains traction so do gimmicks meant to help it along. Here are some tips for knowing your feng shui ornamentation. With the practice of feng shui becoming increasingly popular, we now see a complex array of geomantic products available on the market that aim to attract positivity and good luck. Basically, feng shui ornaments fall into three main categories: Five Elements Décor; Figurations of Auspicious Animals; and Phonically Auspicious objects. Here are a few ornaments that have simple and effective applications.

Five Elements Décor
Copper Wind Chime
A copper wind chime is considered a Gold Element based on its material, colouration and radiation of sound. According to the Five Elements Theory, it can be used to offset negative energy caused by any Earth Element.

Fish Tank
A fish tank is associated with the Water Element, which is related to wealth. The placement of a fish tank can be used to achieve this purpose. However, as fish require careful maintenance, similarly water-filled ornaments, such as feng shui water columns and rolling ball, can be used in place of the tank.

Figurations of Auspicious Animals
The Golden Three-legged Toad
According to legend, the Golden Three-legged Toad is a magical creature with the power to spit out fortunes. Placing this Golden Toad on the property will bring wealth and prosperity. Although it’s a simple setting, orientation is key. The Golden Toad will only bring luck when its mouth faces towards the property, with its back facing the exterior of the building.

Qilin, or Chinese unicorn, is a mythical creature that has the head of a dragon, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, the tail of an ox, five colour patterns on its back and yellow hair on its belly. Although it can be frightful to look at, it is believed that Qilin is a benevolent and protective creature, with power to fend off evil spirits.

Phonically Auspicious Objects
Chinese Bamboo Flute
From a Feng Shui perspective, having a ceiling beam immediately overhead is bad feng shui. (Refer to Top 10 Interior Feng Shui for more details.) Hanging a bamboo flute underneath the ceiling beam can be used as a measure to balance out the negative energy. As the Chinese word for “flute” is pronounced similarly to another word, which means “elimination,” the presence of the flute can dispel bad luck. However, hanging the flute in midair can make for an awkward decoration, and so this feng shui setting is rarely used in modern homes.

In ancient times, a hulu (or gourd) was seen as a tool to catch evil spirits. It was also said that the wine inside the hulu has a healing power. Keeping a gourd, or object in the shape of the gourd can be used to ward off sickness and capture evil spirits.