You loved the Ostrich Pillow? You’ll love (or at least laugh at) these cool design pillows from all over the web! Designers have a lot of imagination when it comes to sleeping.

Ostrich pillow for daring nappers

Our favorite design pillow so far, Studio Banana and Things launched the Ostrich Pillow through a Kickstarter program and made an enormous buzz. You can think what you want: the look is bizarre, how do you breath etc… We’ve tried it and the feeling is a-ma-zing. Maybe you should, too!

Material: Viscose and elastomer

Product Details

©Studio Banana –

The Kit Kat inflatable pillow: for sleepy students

Inspired by its famous motto “Have a break”, the chocolate bars brand invented this napping notebook. Students can inflate the cover as they would do with an inflatable mattress. This way, students can pick on their lost hours of sleep and can quietly and discretely doze off anywhere, whenever they feel like having a nap.
This campaign was run with JWT Brazil, generating a massive buzz and a lot of happiness amongst the lucky 50 fans that received a pillow book. A low cost solution to promote the brand to a young audience.

Material: plastic

©JWT Brazil –

The Hoodie Pillow® Hooded Pillow case for lounge gangsters

This product gained celebrity after an appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. What it does for you: “Only the HoodiePillow® – Hooded Pillowcase can provide ultimate Cocoonification […] It supplies warmth, quiet, focus, and a healthy sleep environment. […] the HoodiePillow pillowcase is the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience.” It comes with an extra pocket to hold a phone, music player, and wallet as well as headphone portholes to be done with tangled cables. And you get a little gangsta look on top of it all.

Material: cotton and polyester

©HoodiePillow –

Constance Guisset / Louis Vuitton for chic napping

You also have the luxury version of the travel or napping pillow… Constance Guisset reinvented for Louis Vuittons’s Nomade Collection this neck pillow. It’s called the Col de voyage, it’s grey, simple and exclusive.

©Constance Guisset –

Sleep standing up

Ernesto Neto created this product / art installation that allows you to sleep standing up. Since humans have been sleeping in a horizontal position for quite a while so it’s not possible yet to tell what would benefit us the most. Doubts remain high that some falling could occur at any time with this position, but it’s at least worth the try right?

©Ernesto Neto –

Travel HoodiePillow for lonely travelers

This one was launched in April 2013 and seduces by its simplicity. It is a good companion to travel with as it holds your neck properly. The hoodie gives it an irresistible cool twist that will be perfect for those of you travelers that just don’t want to talk to their unknown train neighbor. It is the travel version of the original HoodiePillow, this one not being only a pillow case but comprising an inflatable neck pillow. This thoughtful attention is supposed to make it easier to carry around.

©HoodiePillow –

Dream Man Arm Pillow for a whole new meaning of “pillow talk”

Ladies (and gents), no need to look for mister perfect anymore! Indeed, why bother when all you really need is a strong arm to hold you tight at night? The solution is simple and is called the Dream Man Arm Pillow. Thanks to this pillow you can have the warmth without having to search for a man. It’s simply perfect for single people who are happy to so but enjoy a hug from time to time, or for romantic waiting for some real human replacement. Either way it’s a must-try!

Material: cotton and polyester

©Dream Man Arm Pillow –

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