Open the Door and Out the WindowLandscape plays an important role in feng shui. The concept is simple: mountains and hills bring stability while water invites prosperity. Ideally, a property should face open water and have its back to mountains with greenery. This is a typical example of accumulating positive energy for stability and wealth.

With limited space in densely populated Hong Kong, many new residential developments are sited in less than desirable settings, which often compromise good feng shui. Here are a few common problems worth noting when purchasing a new property.

Tall Buildings in Low-rise Neighbourhoods
A high-rise building enjoys a broader, more magnificent view and a sense of superiority. A single tall building that stands out is considered bad feng shui. It creates an imbalance that leads to health problems such as anxiety and poor sleep that destabilises familial and social relationships.

Sharp Edges and Pointy Towers
In feng shui theory, concave surfaces are used to receive positive energy while a convex surface sends out negative energy. A home will absorb negativity when pointed at by sharp edges. The sharper and closer the exterior elements, the stronger the negativity it emits. These sharp edges and pointy objects will bring bad luck and increase the possibility of bloodshed or surgery.

Water behind the Home
The area behind a home relates to family members and crucial stability — and water represents movement and instability. Having water at the back of a property will increase the possibility for conflict between family members.

Traffic Moving Towards your Home
Road Clash is highly undesirable for property feng shui. High-speed traffic will whisk away any positivity. Direct incoming traffic resembles a gun pointing at the home. The resemblance will translate to increased stress, poor health and bad luck.

En Suite Bedrooms
En suite bedrooms are increasingly popular. The bedroom is where we recharge but the bathroom is for waste disposal. Its stale air is seen as negativity. Hence, the proximity of disposal and recharging in the en suite bedroom is considered an undesirable setting. A simple and effective resolution is to keep the bathroom door shut where possible.

Property feng shui has a great influence on inhabitants’ luck and positivity. Before moving into a new home, it is important to observe any signs of negative feng shui in and around the property. Don’t be overly worried if your dream home has undesirable settings; there’s always a feng shui setting to resolve or redirect energy to its best use!

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