Wherever this summer may take you, be it Big Wave Bay or a beach in the Bahamas, a good suitcase and a couple of gadgets go a long way. That is why we’ve curated six travel essentials guaranteed to make any trip more comfortable.

Travel light

Looking for a trolley suitcase that is both sophisticated and highly practical? Allow us to introduce you to Ginkgo by Ito. Its unique storage system is modeled after the Japanese Bento lunch box and designed to be customized by you to meet your needs. Whether you want to bring a little with you or a lot, packing your belongings into this high-end trolley is a breeze. And, not unimportantly, Ito’s patented rotating lock ensures the safety of your stuff during travel.

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Lighten Up

The ideal light to accompany you on all of your nocturnal adventures this summer? Kangaroo Light by Studio Banana THiNGS! This playful and 100% splash proof lighting design makes a perfect portable camping light, reading lamp, ambient lighting for a romantic evening… it’s up to you. Thanks to its flexibility—Kangaroo Light is foldable, bendable and rollable!—and wide range of illumination modes, the possibilities are endless!

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Eat out

This reusable cutlery set by Belltastudio barely takes up any space in your bag, and is sure to come in handy during a picnic, barbecue and your food breaks in transit. Sure, a lot of places have disposable cutlery at your disposal, but this handmade wooden set is a much more Eco-friendly option. On top of that, the fork, knife and spoon come in a beautiful étui made of waterproof Kraft and Tyvek paper.

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Power Napping Pillow

In order to make napping on the go a whole lot more comfortable, Studio Banana THiNGS designed Ostrich Pillow Light. This ultra-soft, lightweight travel pillow can be used as an adjustable neck support or sleep-mask. Your airplane seat may not be the most relaxing place to sleep, but Ostrich Pillow Light makes you feel cozy enough to nod off anywhere. Guess who will arrive well-rested and ready to explore from now on?

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Snail Mail

It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries how headphones manage to twist and tangle the moment we put them in our bags. In order to make untangling these hopeless knots a thing of the past, re;play designed Snail Mail EarphonePouch. This cute and convenient envelope keeps earphone wires organized and can be used to keep small things like keys and camera accessories within reach.

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Sunny Scent

The Scented Cube by BsaB is an all-natural diffuser that will invigorate your summer with its exciting scent. The wooden cube filled with essential oil-infused beeswax can be hung inside your car or put in your suitcase to make your clothes smell nice and fresh. The Scented Cube is available in tropical fragrances such as coconut, frangipani and passion fruit.

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Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.