Our views and preferences are usually a reflection of our psyche, so just by paying more attention to how we go on with our daily life, we will gain an insight on our true nature.

For those who are hoping for good luck in relationship, if you always choose cool or plain colours, maybe deep inside, you are not quite ready for a relationship. But you can try improving the situation by changing your habits, like choosing warmer colours which convey a sense of love and romance.

Our choice of colours has a huge effect on us for the wrong mix of colours can make your home seem gloomy, and thus, causing the occupants to feel listless. When choosing colours for your bedroom, don’t pick colours that are too hot for this will affect your quality of sleep. The key is to pick a colour theme that suits your needs. Simply put, mild colours like cream, custard, off-white and beige are conventional colours that are suitable for most people.

Aside from using our birthdate to determine the marriage corner to boost our luck in relationship, we can also seek help from Flying Star 1 and 9, which represent popularity and celebration respectively. Flying Star 1 is a water element, you can place brightly coloured water plants at its corresponding location to boost your luck. As for Flying Star 9, it is a fire element, you can put red objects or items that represent celebration, such as a pair of mandarin ducks or butterflies, at its location. If you have someone already, you can place a photo of the two of you at the location of the Flying Star 9 to boost your relationship.

Location of the Flying Star 1 and 9

Year Flying Star 1 Flying Star 9
2016 Southeast East
2017 Centre Southeast
2018 Northwest Centre
2019 West Northwest
2020 Northeast West

Note: The solar term ‘Spring Commences’ marks the beginning of a new year.

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