Rich colours and gilded mirrors, moody lighting and feature walls: the classic signs of beautiful bourgeois interior design. It can be too dramatic for some people, but many love the splash of style that a little glamorous luxury brings to the home.

It’s common to get nervous about committing to an eclectic or bold interior style; we fear that we’ll miss the mark or do it wrong. But fear not, because bigger and bolder is better when it comes to bourgeois bling. Create inspiration boards to focus your creativity and to gather ideas, and execute them with complete conviction, commitment and a strong vision.

Personally, I love this design for the smaller spaces of Hong Kong. It is daring with unabashed confidence — something that is both unusual and exciting to see. It is not to be mistaken for the Louis XIV style that is so popular in Mainland China; this style is the fiercer sibling of the Louis look, and is less intricate. While many people love the bright white feel of a minimalist space, it’s often forgotten that this over-the-top look can be successfully explored in single colours or monotones.

When choosing pieces, decide whether they can act as a stand-alone item. Look for ornate chairs, colourful cushions, prints and patterns with bright, vivid colours. Gilding is one element of this kind of fabulous bourgeois look; it’s often found on mirrors, side tables, chairs or vintage light fittings. But I invite you to be creative with it as well. If you feel like putting an old English street lamp in the living room, or hanging ivy in a bird cage, or displaying a burlesque fan on the wall as art do so with gusto. If they have that “wow factor” they will likely fit well into a bourgeois room.

Vibrant wall colours, too, are welcome. Deep blues, greens, pinks, reds or purples, or even wallpapers or damask designs can bring bourgeois beauty to these spaces. Just ensure that whatever is displayed — furniture, walls, mirrors — compliments the overall personality of the room. If it doesn’t bring its own unique voice, tuck it away. Let only the glamorous items come out to play.

Intense visual stimulation is just one option. Soft colours with indulgent textures or fabrics can also work beautifully. Think grey velvet couches or white plush throws; flowers with sensual petals; solid satin pillowcases or heavy, finely textured curtains. Designing a room to look like a silky warm bubble bath requires restraint and an eye for materials but can really stimulate the tactile senses in a calming fashion. Greys, lavenders and other muted tones are good for this effect.

When done well, this beautiful bold style of design can turn a simple apartment into a glamorous bourgeois parlour, showcasing the designers style and confidence. And who doesn’t love style and confidence?