Some people believe in ghosts, while others pass it off as superstition. When it comes to renting or buying an apartment, if an apartment is unusually cheap or there have been previous deaths in the apartment, it might be haunted. Here are some real life haunted house stories about apartment units in the New Territories:

Tin Shui Wai

In 1997, a real estate agent lived in a small apartment (unit F, 7th estate) in Tin Shui Wai. When living there, she always felt tired and became very unlucky in business, relationships and investment opportunities. She claimed that the apartment wasn’t haunted, but the carpark gave her a cold and eery vibe. Everytime she went to the carpark, there was never a soul in sight. Although there weren’t any water pipes above the carpark spot, there was always a puddle of water next to her car. After moving to a different carpark, her fortune improved significantly.

Yuen Long

One time a real estate agent was showing an apartment to a small family in Yuen Long. After ringing the doorbell and going inside, the agent and the child saw a woman in red sitting at the windowsill. The parents couldn’t see her, but the agent claimed that the ghost was staring at them aggressively. According to the records, the owner never lived in the apartment himself, but renters always left after living there for a short period of time.

Fairview Park, Yuen Long

Another real estate agent lived in a house at the A-B section of Fairview Park in Yuen Long. Since she worked late, she would always arrive home late at night and see a little girl sitting in front of her staircase at home. Within 3 months of living there, her family started falling ill very often and even lost a lot of weight. According to her family members, there was always someone knocking on the door and every night her parents were “pressed” by a female ghost in bed.