New Spring Season DecorationsSpring is springing and if you went out a re-did your interiors for the Lunar New Year on the cheap — meaning, yourself — you’ll be on the lookout for new décor. If you already have the sofa of your dreams perhaps you’re just in the market for accent pieces. A coffee table, cushions, a rug. But whether you need a whole new room or just a lamp or two, Hong Kong interiors stalwart Indigo Living has its new spring lineup ready to go.

To sum up Indigo’s look this season white, splashes of vivid, bright colour and assorted metals (brass, bronze, chrome) inside zingy coastal or dramatic loft-style spaces pretty much covers all bases. Though there are dozen of smaller details that create the whole look, Indigo Living CEO John McLennan agrees. “When I think fresh, light and springy I think nautical and you can take it as far as you want,” he says of the coastal cool items now available. Vaguely feminine (for lack of a better word), with soft fabrics and edges, the coastal Hampton-esque items are bright by default. Most of the centrepiece items are white. “White is definitely in, but it’s the whole gamut of whites,” explains McLennan. “There’s eggshell, the off-whites, bone … just a whole bunch of whites. When something doesn’t have a colour on it people tend to say, ‘Oh, well, it’s white.’ But white is a colour and it comes in a lot of different shades.”

The other major theme for this season is the loft aesthetic. No matter where you come from or where you’ve lived, the loft holds a special cache among city dwellers. “Sometimes I want a glamorous looking space. I’ve always wanted a loft apartment. I’d love a warehouse with high ceilings and open spaces and concrete floors and big sofas,” says McLennan. But lofts are rare even in cities where there is genuine warehouse space available for residential use. No matter. “We thought you could still get that in a small space. That’s where the idea came from. If you don’t have the raw brick wall and the cement floors [the loft collection] still looks glamorous. You can put it in a apartment with a wood floor and it still looks great.”

Both themes are complemented by a handful of running motifs that work in almost every room in the house. Ikat and other patterns for table and kitchen linens, bedding and accessorising cushions are in, particularly when the loft and coastal base items — in colours like oat, mink and snow white — are neutral enough to stand up to bold accents. Another running motif is natural or natural looking materials (rope, twine, raffia, leathers, and weathered oak) for accessories ranging from lamps to clocks to picture frames. Creative lighting, for mood if not for task, is also on tap, with filament bulbs in pendant lamps, a fire-free pillar candle chandelier and an iron orb chandelier standing out. The best part of those lamps is that they’re basic enough to attach to existing electrical infrastructure and don’t require much more than a drill for installation.

Though most of this spring’s furnishing can be built up and switched up for summer (and fall, and winter), McLennan has plans for June already. “As we move into summer it will get fresher and brighter, with open windows and flowing curtains and the whole idea of summer.” And you thought this month was colourful.