Natural materials possess a beauty that transcends time and space. This week, we curated three fashion accessories and three gadgets that celebrate the splendor of Mother Nature.

Time for Timber

WOOD-DESIGN’s alarm clock, calendar and thermometer in one is an environmentally friendly design made of Japanese Hinoki Wood. This refined type of timber is known for its lemon-y scent, beautiful pink-brown hue and durability. The annual ring LED clock is a highly qualitative design to treasure for years to come.

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Pretty and Precious

This gem of a necklace by [in]TRIGUE features a semi-precious stone displayed in a diamond-shaped cage. [in]TRIGUE makes use of untreated gemstones such as aquamarine, quartz and amethyst that all come with their own health benefits.

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Bamboo Basstard

Loudbasstard™’s mini passive amplifier is a minimalist design made of bamboo and rattan that works without electricity. In order to make your music louder and richer in tonal variation, this little ‘loud basstard’ uses the material’s natural vibrations paired with carefully designed sound channels.

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This quirky timber business card holder by UNIC is modeled after a cigarette lighter, and even opens like one! A cleverly placed magnet allows you to open the holder with a simple push of your thumb. With this gadget, made of high-quality American walnut and oak-wood, you are sure to leave a lasting impression in your next meeting!

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Greek Mythology and its imagination-fuelling protagonists inspired Greek designer Eleanna Katsira to create her latest jewellery collection. This long necklace, made of real horse hair, leather and gold-plated metal is inspired by the centaur, a half-Human, half-horse hybrid. A true statement piece for ladies who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd!

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Lovely Lotus

Nature meets luxury in the BJX Lotus key ring by blackmilk projects. This elegant design, modeled after the shape of the lotus root, isn’t your usual throwaway key hanger; it is a handcrafted, 925 sterling silver fashion accessory. The key hanger comes with a genuine leather strap to attach your keys to.

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.