ZHONGSHAN, China, Oct. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On October 22 to 26, 2015, organized by China Association of Lighting Industry and Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government, the 16th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (Guzhen Lighting Fair) will open in the Lighting Capital Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The Guzhen Lighting Fair is based on the enriched lighting industrial resources of the lighting capital. The Fair is oriented toward export, but also engaged in domestic sales. The Fair is a platform that gathers high-quality and new-style products with competitive price, focuses on the latest industrial trends of the lighting industry, and takes the innovative exhibition running mode of "Exhibition Shop Linkages" to build a large-scale, one-stop lighting, lamp procurement and trade platform with an exhibition area of 700,000 square meters to provide a lighting feast for the industry.

Outstanding Exhibitors Rush to and Obtain Great Success at the Fair

The Guzhen Lighting Fair has entered the countdown stage, and the investment promotion has already been accomplished. The main venue (Lighting Capital Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center) has an exhibition area of over 30,000 square meters, the stand area of 12,717 square meters, and 1,413 standard booths. Thanks to the great industrial base of Guzhen, in addition to the industrial resources from the organizer, China Association of Lighting Industry, the high-end exhibition platform and other various advantages have attracted many companies to join successive Fairs. As of October 7, a total of 607 exhibitors have joined in the Fair with a participation rate of 100%. There are 180 raw-space booth exhibitors, with a booth area of 7,506 square meters accounting for 59.9% of the rented area. There are 407 standard-booth exhibitors with a booth area of 5,031 square meters accounting for 40.1% of the rented area. See from the region, there are a total of 398 companies from Zhongshan with 271 from the town and 127 from out of town. The number of exhibitors from other places in Guangdong is 141, and from other provinces of China is 48. Many well-known enterprises joining the Fair include Opple, NationStar and Huayi Lighting.

Guzhen Lighting Fair Makes Breakthrough with Innovations Based on Traditional Advantages

With an annual output value of over a hundred billion RMB, Guzhen enjoys a huge industry cluster integrating both lamp production and trading, and has become one of the four largest lighting professional production bases and sales markets in the world. With a favorable market environment and relying on its own great lighting industrial resources, the Guzhen Lighting Fair integrates different resources once again, and becomes oriented toward export while still engaged in the domestic market as to present a lighting feast. The Fair continues to deepen the "Exhibition Shops Linkage" exhibition pattern, cooperate with the lighting markets within the town, make use of their unique market resources, gather more than 1,800 quality lighting exhibitors, and provide buyers with a price-valued one-stop procurement platform within an area of 700,000 square meters.

Globally known for its high cost-performance ratio, the Lighting Fair of the year still brings us a full range of lighting products that cover both the upstream and downstream parts of the lighting industrial chain. What is more, the Guzhen Lighting Fair selects dozens of quality exhibitors, gathers numerous beautiful and high-quality decorative lamps, and presents a brand-new "Decorative Lighting Zone" with a combination of originality, design, technology and lighting. The design of the exhibits focuses on artistic sense presented in both classical and modern styles, integrates advanced technology and inspiration, and reveals the creative wisdom of China’s lighting culture. The visitors will be inevitably touched by this outburst of creativity. This Lighting Fair has a specially-set "Electrical Accessory Zone" to gather electrical accessories exhibition booths scattered in different corners of the venue to help guests find their target booths in a short period of time, so that the guests are able to find the right thing at the right place. It is worth mentioning that the Guzhen Lighting Fair is launching the brand-new ‘Overseas buyers Business Matching Meeting’ to optimize the effect of exhibiting, improve their trade volumes, and enrich the experience of the guests. The value of the Fair will be maximized by matching good exhibitors with overseas buyers, arranging for meetings during the Fair, promoting one-on-one trade matches, and helping buyers and suppliers conclude transactions with quick and effective one-stop services!

The current Guzhen Lighting Fair is based on the traditional advantages and successes of the past fairs. It skillfully and harmoniously integrates lamps, decorations, smart lighting, design and life, creates bright and new spots, strives to bring about a new industrial situation through reform and presents an international grand lighting carnival to the exhibitors and the audiences.

Authorities Gather at the Fair and Jointly Discuss Development of the Industry

There are so many things to see at the Guzhen Lighting Fair, and the presence of high-end conferences and BBS make the fair even more exciting. The meetings and BBS gather many top global experts, cover four topics of the lighting market, design, technology and brand building, provide the latest market information, trends and technologies, and promote communication and consultation among the leaders of the industry.

As a good start to these meetings, the "2015 Lighting Industry Intellectual Property Rights Protection Seminar" will deeply explore intellectual property rights protection in the industry in order to strengthen the awareness of enterprises regarding intellectual property rights, and boost industrial transformation and upgrading. The "Global Lighting Design Master Salon" will invite dozens of top designers from countries with advanced design levels, representatives of famous domestic lighting enterprises, and members of the professional media to analyze industrial trends jointly, as well as discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by original design products and brands based on their respective national conditions. All this is to provide a lighting feast of knowledge to the guests. The "Regional Brand Building Experience Exchange Meeting" invites entrepreneurs and experts to deliver speeches on the theme of regional brand building, advanced industrial clusters and industrial personnel to share their practical experience in regional brand building. The "12th China Lighting Capital Summit" will discuss with the related personnel of the industry to explore the means of the transformation of the industry in the "new normal" economy, and overcome the crisis through integration and innovation hand in hand to open up the way for all lighting enterprises and create a win-win situation! The "1st China Lighting Capital (Guzhen) National Direct-selling Base Forum" will explore the development strategy of the future direct-selling base and publicity channels for direct-selling base projects. In addition, industrial experts and professional groups will gather at the "Expert Evaluation Meeting on the Finalists’ Works of the 2015 China International Lighting Design Contest" to review the works of the finalists, and evaluate their design concepts and design ideas from the perspectives of overall situation, engineering application, standard specifications, aesthetic design, intellectual property, etc. The 16th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair Winning Works Selection and Award Ceremony, namely, the 2015 China International Lighting Design Contest Winning Works Press Conference will also be held to promote the popularization and application of creative efficient lighting products, and improve China’s independent ability to make innovations in lamp design.

In addition, the organizers of the Guzhen Lighting Fair will also cooperate with the operators of the sub venues to hold wonderful and varied events, unprecedented discounts and gift awards would be given.

Convenient and User-Friendly Services Make the Guests Feel at Home

The Fair has an online pre-registration system, and provides user-friendly registration services for professional buyers who join the Fair. Visitors may log on to the official website of the Guzhen Lighting Fair for online pre-registration (registration website: http://www.gzlightingfair.com/cn/register), or follow the account of "Guzhen Lighting Fair" in WeChat to finish the pre-registration. With simple steps, visitors can easily complete pre-registration, saving themselves from having to pay the on-site registration fee of $100 and quickly enter into the venue through the VIP access without waiting. Additionally, those who have pre-registered will receive from the organizers regular e-mails with real time information, such as updates, special tips, and do’s and don’ts. By October 8, the number of pre-registered buyers exceeded 30,000, including nearly 4,000 overseas buyers. It is believed that the number of visitors to the Autumn Session of Guzhen Lighting Fair will hit a new high.

At the same time, the official website and WeChat account of the Guzhen Lighting Fair will also provide an "Exhibitor List" service system that will systematically collect valuable information, such as the names and product scopes of the exhibitors. There is also a "Business Travel Service System" centralizing transportation, hotel, catering, visa and other information. In this way, we can save a lot of trouble during the Fair by just moving fingers. As overseas buyers come here from afar and must feel tired after a long journey, the Lighting Fair provides pre-registered overseas buyers with many reception services, including visas, airport shuttles, hotel bookings and accommodation. There is also a rest area with free Internet access for overseas buyers. The Fair will provide quality on-site translation services to save clients and exhibitors from losing any business opportunities due to language barriers, and free shuttle bus services between the main and sub venues for all buyers. Free shuttle buses will pass by the five sub venues of the Autumn Fair (Light Cube LED City, Star Alliance Lighting• LED Expo Center, Lighting Era Center, Taigu Lighting Plaza, Besun Lighting Plaza), and cover the core areas of Guzhen. The bus service will also help funnel the audiences into the main and sub venues. This convenient mode of transportation provides an efficient procurement channel for the buyers at home and from abroad.

Guzhen Lighting Fair and Light Cultural Festival Jointly Build a Sea of Lamps

During the Guzhen Lighting Fair, we will be ushered into the "First China Lighting Capital (Guzhen) Lighting Cultural Festival", and witness the Lighting Ceremony of Guzhen in People’s Square in the evening of October 21, unveiling mask of Light Cultural Festival, which is centered on the theme of "Dream of Guzhen, Dream of Zhongshan, Dream of China", and shows the lighting effects and amazing night scenery created with local lighting technologies and cultural elements. The open platform attracts designers from different fields and freely interprets light-this unique transmission medium with the aim of making the Fair a lighting cultural event on the grandest scale with the most extensive participation and most enriched cultural contents in the Pearl River Delta, and even in Guangdong so far. The show can be considered as the Oriental version of the "Lyon Lighting Festival". The Lighting Cultural Festival shows that Guzhen has entered into a new stage where the lighting industry could be seen as the carrier and the lighting culture as the soul, and will attract more lighting practitioners, as well as those not engaged in the lighting industry. The Guzhen Lighting Fair brings the First Lighting Cultural Festival to the world, and the Light Cultural Festival will in turn attract more businesspeople to join the Fair and seek business opportunities. The Guzhen Lighting Fair will succeed along with the event, releasing the charm of the Lighting Capital.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Exhibition: http://www.gzlightingfair.com/en