After making your vows to each other in front of friends and relatives, newlyweds move on to the next stage and live a blissful married life together. While sometimes what we wish does come true, many times it does not. When it comes to sharing living space with another person, there are always some hurdles to clear.

Here are five things you need to think about before moving in.

1.Interior Design

She wants a well-designed walk-in closet to keep a beautiful wardrobe in. He wants a large glass display cabinet to showcase his toy collection.

How the home is designed often leads to arguments between couples. One wants it this way, but other wants that. The fight goes on. Building a home sweet home requires communication. Go walk around furniture stores and share your design thoughts with your partner. If they are so different you probably need a designer to work it out. In most cases, both sides will need to compromise. Give a little on one issue and chances are you’ll “get” something on another. Prioritise your needs and wants – does it have to be a glass case? – and meet in the middle.


She goes shopping or chats over beer after work. He hangs out with friends or takes cooking classes. Perhaps they both do a sport.

Shopping, gossiping, a drink or a bite to eat is how we usually relax after a hectic day. But after you enjoy yourself and go home, a heavy load of housework may take your smile away. Just imagine seeing piles of dirty clothes in the bathroom, stacks of unwashed dishes in the kitchen and dust bunnies scattered across the floor. What a mess! If you don’t want it happen again next time, make a list of the household chores that need to be done and then divide the work. The key is to work out a schedule that works well for both of you.

3.Way of Living

She complains that he leaves the toilet seat up. He groans when it’s down.

Men and women have their own way of living and each often forgets to take a minute to try and understand each other. But just because they are different doesn’t mean they can’t get along. They say opposites attract and it all comes down to mutual respect — the cornerstone of any relationship. But if something really irritates you, speak up and set some ground rules together.

4.Household Expenses

Who pays the rent, the bills and all the rest of it? Household expenses are often an overlooked issue. Let’s agree on who pays which bills or set up a joint expense account. This will help avoid a lot of financial quarrelling in the long run. Renting or buying a flat in Hong Kong costs a fortune nowadays and so sharing the cost will certainly relieve the stress on both parties.


When two people decide to move in, their relationship grows more intimate. But it doesn’t mean they can intrude on each other’s privacy. Again, mutual respect is the golden rule. Next time if you want to go to bathroom while your mate is having a bath, remember that you should knock on the door and ask for permission before rushing in. Perhaps most crucially now, the digital age has reconfigured healthy boundaries. Figure out what they are and respect them. There’s no rule that says you must share your email password.

Date: 2015-02-16