Situated on 20 Cornwall Street, Mount Beacon is a sprawling mid-rise residential development in Kowloon Tong set against emerald-green hills and the Cornwell Street Park.                     

Its sophisticated school network and wooded surroundings make it the perfect neighbourhood for many parents-to-be.

Mr Lee and his wife Freja, the owners of a 1,168 square-foot residence at Mount Beacon, are giving their perfect nest a facelift to welcome their new baby.

Designed by Wong, design director at COMODO Interior & Furniture Design, the apartment combines a modern and minimal appeal meant for practical use. 

With a construction budget of about HK$1,300,000, the couple doesn’t have an onerous design brief, but want to keep the interior neat with practicality in a cool skin tone.

In the living room, a floor-to-ceiling slide-door has been created to capture views of the lush green canopy, reaching a long and narrow outdoor balcony sprawling all the way down to the master room, where you can sneak up on the iconic Festival Walk and even the City University of Hong Kong.

The apartment originally had three fairly small rooms. To enlarge the master room, the pair combined two rooms into one big chamber attached with a study room.

The key to connecting the bedroom and the working area is floor-to-ceiling glass that allows more closeness between the family members. A massive window has been created in the study room to bring in more natural light.

Tranquillity, privacy, and an abundance of glass walls, are everywhere in the apartment, even to the master room toilet.

“I enjoy seeing through the study room and the toilet from the bed,” Mr Lee said.

“The use of glass partitions allows more space to the master room as well as connectivity.”

To accommodate the couple and their new baby, the windowsill in the guest room is equipped with a built-in sliding platform to support the baby for nappy changes and feeding.

The apartment is adorned with furniture from Europe with rounded corners for child safety.