To thank and celebrate properly your beloved Mummy on Mother’s Day, find the most special gift for her! Like we did for our dear grannies, we selected 10 design and unusual products that will make all different kinds of mothers pleased. How is your Mummy?

Oak Colour Coded Chopping Boards by MijMoj – for Gourmet Mummy

©Mijmoj “Chopping boards” –

These boards add some colours to the kitchen and they also can be used as breadboards and cheese boards. Red board for raw meat, blue board for fish, green board for vegetables and natural board for cooked food…. For Mummy whose hobby is cooking gourmet meals for the whole family, this is the most surprising and useful gift for her!

“Framin’ good” wall stickers by FicklestiX- for Emotional Mummy

©FicklestiX “Framin’ good” wall stickers –

As Mother’s Day provides the occasion to spend some time within your family, these wall stickers will make everyone remember the joyful and special moments! Frame family pictures of travels, group pictures…with cool style for all to enjoy, especially your Mum.

Flower cap by BeaMalevich – for Sporty Mummy

©BeaMalevich “Flower Cap” –

Your mum complains every weekend about the effects of the chlorine on her hair? By offering this Flower Cap, she will enjoy making splashes and swimming with no worries. She will also become the most fashion swimmer of the pool with this colourful and original cap. Very elastic, it fits any head.
Natural rubber

Leather Satchels by Bohemia – for Fashion Mummy

©Bohemia “leather satchels” –

Leather satchel is the perfect fashion accessory for your Mum: since it can carry a laptop, your mum will go to work while being a fashion icon! They are handmade in the UK, made from leather that would traditionally have been used to create the indestructible school bags. According to your mum’s tastes, choose one she will like the most among all the eye-catching and chic colours Bohemia produces.
W36 x H24 x D10 cm (biggest size)

The Mummy case for iPhone 4/5 by Loop Attachment – for Techno Mummy

©Loop Attachment “Mummy” case for iPhone 5 –

This aptly named iPhone case will bring your Mum’s iPhone a nice colour touch. As trendy as useful, it protects the device from any damage.

Lanyard keychain felt by Redmaloo – for Organized Mummy

©Redmaloo “Lanyard Keychain” / mothers day –

This key chain is undeniably one of the most useful gifts you could offer! Made of bright colourful felt, it enables your Mum to organize her keys and cables for safe transportation. Perfect to store within her handbag her multiple belongings!
Felt, 5.5 cm

Fur bracelet by Faba.J – for Girly Mummy

©Faba J. “fur bracelet” / mothers day –

Your pretty Mummy deserves to have elegant jewellery pieces! Handmade in Hong Kong with rabbit fur, this bracelet is very original and sophisticated. It is the perfect accessory for matching any outfit in her wardrobe for any occasion. To be even more eye-catching, choose one in colour!
Rabbit fur, 19cm

“Forget me not” Vases by Aurélie Richard – for Romantic Mummy

©Aurelie Richard “Forget me not” single flower vases –

For your Mummy who likes receiving roses by her lover, this pack of three vases in cheerful colours is the best gift you could have found! These vases can stand on a table for a dinner or on a side table…they will bring any place joy and love.
Wood and wool
250 x 65 mm

Tarantula Tea light by DesignedMade – for Design-enthusiast Mummy

©Designed made “Tarentula Tea lights” –

Your Mum will be pleased to light these unique design candles when dusk falls! The Tarantula Tea Light is designed to cast graphic shadows evoking sunbeams when the candle is lit. Individually beautiful, when grouped together they produce a mesmerizing effect, the overlapping shadows creating complex and intricate forms.

Quad Trivet Wood by Dewadesign – for Sugar Mummy

©Dewa Bleisinger “QUAD Trivet” –

If your Mum enjoys hosting dinners at home, she definitely must have the Quad trivet! Just launched by Dewadesign, the Quad trivet is an adaptable and decorative table object, which allows the preparation and serving of food. An invisible silicone band holds wooden cubes together: it is up to you to chose the shape of your trivet, according to your recipient.
Walnut or maple wood from Germany (oiled), silicone ribbon, felt pads

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