Mother Issues

Drop the candy and flowers this year and indulge your matriarch at home

Sure, she may pester you for grandchildren and complain that you don’t call enough, but she’s Mom, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 8. If she’s not grandma age, she’s probably like many other harried working mothers out there: crazy busy with not enough time to herself. Flowers are a lovely cop-out, and chocolate and jewellery have been done to death. Not only are they girly items that smack of the 1950s, they’re dull. Modern moms need modern gifts.

Sustainability-friendly interiors manufacturer TREE may have a throne for that eco-conscious mother to recline on while reading, but a new bed (breakfast sold separately) may be the ticket, what with meaningful sleep so hard to come by. The range of recycled wood beds in an array of modern and compact designs are a good reason to start there, but the Horizon Plaza flagship also has a children’s playroom in the cafe that can occupy the little ones after browsing has worn you out. The cafe’s babychanging room is a treat too — and really, mom could be shopping for herself.

We’d all love to send Mom to the Four Seasons spa for a day, but occasionally time just won’t allow it. So pamper at home. Aromatherapy Associates is marking its 25th anniversary with a complimentary gift set when you pick up its signature Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. The calming, multi-function oil — aside from its obvious uses, it can be used ambiently or on pulse points — comprises sandalwood, coconut oil, vetivert and chamomile and cultivates that truly deep, regenerating sleep the body and mind demand.

Once she’s slathered herself with soothing oils, she’s going to need something to slip into when she’s done. Sleep Naked is known for its bed linens, but also offers a bathrobe that could put anyone in a hotel spa state of mind. Thick cotton towelling on the inside and a plush waffle pattern on the outside will have her believing that she’s at the Four Seasons anyway.

Lastly, after a hard evening of aromatherapy, it’s bedtime. And this is your chance to do something good for mom, the environment, and a painfully under-equipped Cambodian school. Butterfly Dreams was founded by husband and wife team of Tim and Edith McCosker, who spent two years developing a bed linen that was luxurious, adhered to modern green production standards, had good breathability (a must for the humid months to come) and wouldn’t break the bank. Contrary to popular belief, 700-thread count Egyptian cotton isn’t the only way to ensure a cosy, sensuous night’s sleep. BD’s sheets are made from a blend of finely woven microfibres, both recycled synthetics and natural cotton, which the McCosker’s are adamant will hold up in the long run.

And Mom can indulge her decadent side in good conscience. The McCoskers first visited a Siem Reap school in dire straits in 2006 and the lack of the most basic resources prompted them into action. Now 20 percent of Butterfly Dreams’ profits go to Savong’s School, and they’re used to build more classrooms and stock the library among other initiatives. No mother in 2011 would argue with improving a school, and it could be the perfect way to tell Mom to “Sleep tight.” She probably deserves it.