Sometimes the noise and crowds of the city can be overwhelming, but our home provides us a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Comfort is often synonymous with large spaces, but due to the cramped living conditions of Hong Kong, people have to make do with interior design to create the illusion of space at home. Here are some ways to make your apartment look larger with minimal effort!

Paint light-coloured walls.

As dark colours absorb light and make the room look smaller, paint the walls with light colours, such as pastels, neutrals and whites. On the other hand, making your ceiling pop with a bright shade of colour draws the attention upwards and creates the illusion of height in your room.

Open up the space with natural light.

Natural light can surprisingly open up a space, so go ahead and open up those curtains and let some light in. If you prefer to have some privacy at home, use sheer curtains instead of thick curtains to brighten up the space. If your apartment lacks natural light, try placing some small lamps in dark corners to brighten up the space.

Create the illusion of depth with mirrors.

Placing mirrors in certain areas of the room can create the illusion of depth, as the reflections bounce light off into dark corners of the room. Placing a mirror on the walls can create the illusion of limitless space, while placing a mirror near the window can reflect the outdoors and open up the space.

Focus the attention on a large piece of furniture.

Although the concept of large pieces of furniture may seem counterintuitive in creating the illusion of space, having one key piece of furniture draws in the focal point and makes the surrounding space look larger. However, this effect is only possible if you declutter the surrounding space by throwing away old junk.

Invest in storage furniture.

Another way to declutter your space is to hide the mess by using storage furniture. Even if you’re not naturally a tidy and neat person, you can use furniture such as wall shelves and drawers to increase the function of your living space. For those who are on a budget, there are also plenty of DIY tutorials online on how to create your own storage furniture.