What do you do with things you would normally throw away? Trash, reuse or recycle? 

In Hong Kong, waste problem is imminent and serious. We commonly use “Go Green”, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” as buzzwords in our efforts to waste reduction. Such effort is long and arduous, plus often less effective. Among all the waste, paper waste is the most challenging where leaflets, newspapers, magazines and takeaway flyers are everywhere. They often go straight to the trash without being read; after all, most contain unwanted information that is intrinsically useless.

Back in the olden days, paper used to have greater intrinsic value. We had strong emotional attachments to paper goods like calendars, diaries and notebooks, but such attachment no longer runs deep as the rise of various technological innovations. To re-establish the role and image of goods made from paper, Baseline workshop and Protest Design Company established a “MADE OF PAPER” Campaign. Salvaging paper from going to landfills, the campaign transformed paper into 3D moveable type letters, and used them for printing environmental messages in various goods. 


Not merely recycling, but <a a="" upcycling, the campaign shows how easy it is to remake useless things into something even better. The result is a rebirth line of “MADE OF PAPER” products including T-shirt, Tote Bag, and Poster. With four captivating slogans of “MADE OF PAPER”, “PROTEST”, “DON’T YOU FORGET”, and “REBORN TO LOVE”, the products captures the spirit of <a a="" upcycling.  

To further promote the goodness of paper <a a="" upcycling, Protest Design Company also launches a “MADE OF PAPER – Make Your Own Paper Counter”. This special counter allows you to devise your own environmental slogans, plus conduct your own slogan printing on any selected “MADE OF PAPER” product so that you can experience the beauty of <a a="" upcycling.