Hot on the heels of the first Noodle Rack in Changsha open last year, Shanghai-based Luk Studio followed up with a flagship version for its client Longxiaobao Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlitun SOHO, Noodle Diner is a two storey, 200 square metre space that instills sense of place with stylised hand pulled noodles suspended as interior décor.

The first floor’s main entry opens to framed views of a kitchen to the left. Beyond, a dining area with varying height tables and chairs allows diners to quickly slurp down a steaming bowl of noodles. Near the rear, a U-shaped open staircase wraps around a semi-private dining area and leads to the second level of more secluded tables.

Transplanted Hong Kong native Christina Luk, the founder and design director for Luk Studio, chose a palette of exposed grey cement blocks, rested metal for screens and wooden tables with painted Windsor-

“Three different dining ambiences were created,” she explains. “The first rack has a canteen style with three rows of long tables, and well serves busy white collars. The second rack is equipped with banquette seating and tasteful china as decoration; it entertains those who take time to savour their meal. In the third rack that embodies the double height stairwell, one special table gets to closely enjoy the visual anchor of the restaurant—the signature noodle pendant.”style chairs. They work together to create an industrial chic that emphasises the materials’ integrity.

The second storey is more spaciously laid out and allows Luk the opportunity of exploring how to manipulate steel wiring aesthetically. “Noodles are hung in an overlapping manner to define a dining volume,” she notes. “These see through screen dividers exude an ethereal beauty that is unique for the noodle shop.”