Using Feng Shui to Master Your Love Life

Need more luck in your romance and relationships? You might want to take a look at the star chart below.

2012 is a special year in terms of relationship matters, as the “Flying Star” of 8 of horoscope for this year represents male youth and is flying to the west side, which stands for the trigram of maidens.

And according to I Ching, The Book of Changes, this year generates a special “Divinatory Trigram” of “Chak San Ham”, which represents the youth seeking for a maiden and it’s an exceptionally good trigram for romance and relationships, which creates high possibilities for long term relationships.

If you want to boost your luck for this matter, try buying a doll or figurine of a young male and a maiden (Ken and Barbie maybe?) and position them in the western point of your home.

The doll must be white, gold or red in colors, red being the best choice. There is no restriction for the maiden doll, but the recommended material is ceramic for the dolls.