There is a Cantonese saying that goes, ‘Money is not invincible but without it, nothing is possible’. Though this might seem a bit mean, it is a reality of life in today’s society. In Chinese Geomancy, we say ‘wealth is the source of life nourishment’, so money is actually quite important.

In Feng Shui, we should pay attention to the wealth corners when trying to boost our luck in wealth. Different disciplines of Chinese Geomancy might have varying theories but the two major schools are Form and Compass. The Form School determines the wealth corner based on the location of the main door, and the corner opposite to the main door is the wealth corner, which should not be left ‘empty’ because your luck will escape through doors, windows and corridors. If your wealth corner is ‘empty’, you can place a plant with soil or piggy bank there to improve your luck in wealth. For many new buildings, the wealth corner is often ‘empty’, causing occupants to spend more than they earn or spend as much as they earn.

Aside from the Form theory on wealth corner, various Geomancy schools, such as Compass, have their own philosophy and theories.

It is in agreement that Flying Star 8 represents wealth and the wealth corner can be calculated by observing each year’s distribution of the 9 lucky stars. In 2016, Flying Star 8 is in the southwest and as it is an earth element, we can use fire elements to enhance the effect of this star such as a red carpet, altar lamp, lucky scrolls and any object in red.

Here is the location of the Flying Star 8 for the coming 5 years
2017 East
2018 Southeast
2019 Center
2020 Northwest
2021 West

Note: In Chinese Geomancy, the solar term ‘Spring Commences’ marks the beginning of a new year.

The wealth corner changes each year and many people might think it is difficult to do any long-term planning. Another option is to plan based on the earth cycle, one cycle is 20 years. With good planning, we can all have a prosperous life.

In the current cycle which spans from 2004 to 2023, the southwest and east are the most suitable for finding ‘water’, meaning that great wealth can be achieved. Bodies of natural water like oceans, rivers and lakes have a stronger effect than man-made ponds and fish tanks; however, we need to pay attention to the direction of the water flow to make sure that we are ‘storing’ and not ‘leaking’ water. The power of water is like a double-sided blade ―it can help you to accumulate more wealth but it can also cause you to lose wealth. Use water wisely and make it work for you.

I wish everyone a prosperous and wonderful life.

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