With the Korean Wave sweeping across the globe, an amazing selection of the very best of Korean fare is taking over the food aisles of GREAT Food Hall. New Korean items include Chun June One’s Korean Red Ginseng Wine, Chung June One Red Vinegar Drink for healthy beauty, Chongga Kimchi Sauce, indigenous Yopokki Spicy Rice Cake, Nong Shim Super Hot Noodle and last but not least, Kkoh Shaem Yoger Yoger Yoghurt Powder. Every single one of these delicious delicacies can make the perfect side dish for your summer serving of K-pop and Korean dramas!

Healthiest Summer Ever: Red Ginseng Straight from the Star!

Help your friends who work around the clock relax and unwind this summer with some traditional red ginseng wine. GREAT presents Chun Jung One’s traditional Red Ginseng Wine Gift Set ($253.9/1 pack), which is a delicate gift set made from Korean Ginseng. This wine is a drink suitable for all occasions, and it can be consumed regularly. Ginseng wine helps strengthen your immune system during stressful periods, enhances blood circulation and can even act as an anti-aging antioxidant.

GREAT also adds to its shelves another traditional Korean drink, the Chun Jung One Red Vinegar Drink Gift Set ($129/3 bottles). Red vinegar is a healthy drink that prevents arteriosclerosis, enhances blood circulation and reduces stress-related hyper-adrenaline secretion. Red vinegar is also thought to aid weight loss and promote glowing skin, leading it be a favourite drink of many Korean women.

Make Indigenous Dishes at Home: Double the Korean Spiciness!

When it comes to Korean traditional dishes, Korean spicy rice cake is the people’s favourite. Topokki Spicy Rice Cake with Spicy Rice Cake Sauce Cup Set ($16.9/200 grams) is 100% made from Korean rice. This ingenious product can be easily stored at room temperature, and it can be conveniently made by simply mixing the rice cake bars with the sauce provided, then heated in a microwave oven for around half a minute. In just a few minutes, you can taste the spicy and chewy flavours of this authentic Korean street food.

Another Korean treat loved by Hong Kong people is Nong Shim hot noodle. This summer, in response to popular demand, GREAT introduces Nong Shim Super Hot Noodle ($38.9/5 packs). This new addition brings you spicier-than-ever noodles, rounded out by a chili pepper and peanut flavour. Many people describe Super Hot’s noodle flavour as resembling that of the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine.

Due to the popularity of Korean dramas, many Hong Kongers have developed an interest in Korean cuisine, and even wish to prepare it themselves. Chongga Kimchi Sauce ($19.9/200 grams) can be used in a range of Korean dishes, such as spicy cabbage, kimchi soup, kimchi hot pot, seasoned fried meat and vegetables. Save time on cooking and guarantee the flavour of your dishes!

Enjoy the Summer Breeze: Kkon Shaem Yoger Yoger Yoghurt Powder

Frozen snacks are a must on any summer menu. Children and young people will love Kkon Shaem Yoger Yoger Yoghurt Powder ($25.9/5 packs). With Yoger Yoger Yoghurt Powder, a cup of fresh frozen yoghurt can easily be made at home in just a few simple steps. The powder can also be used to make other desserts, such as cheese sorbet. You can even try making your own homemade popsicles.