Korean Pop Music (K-pop) is Asia’s hottest music industry now, taking the world by storm and putting Korea firmly on the map. There is no better time to taste the flavours of authentic Korean cuisine than now. GREAT Food Hall unveils its Korean Food Festival today until August 8, featuring more than 200 varieties of Korea’s best-loved delicacies. These tasty treats include the irresistible Korean health drinks including Daesang Hongcho, traditional Chung Jung One Organic Barley Tea, King Sejong’s favorite drink Kookje Honey Jin Citron Tea; brand new Kerneis Butter Popcorn; low salt Dongwon Seasoned Laver For Kids; healthy snacks Dongwon Canned Tuna Salad and Dongwon (Gold Farm) Luncheon Meat, and many more. This summer, GREAT will tickle your taste buds with a variety of traditional Korean delicacies! 

Korean Healthy Drinks

Korean people are known for keeping fit and being healthy. They have long been devotees to the acclaimed health benefits of ginseng and have focused their passion on developing many popular healthy foods. GREAT brings you one of Korea’s most beloved products, Daesang Drinking Hongcho; made with 100% natural fruit employing over 40 years of brewing technology. Daesang Drinking Hongcho is a low-calorie health drink that helps to improve metabolism. Available in raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate flavours, these drinks can be mixed with others to make special drinks at home.

GREAT also brings you another Korean favourite, Chung Jung One Organic Barley Tea made using 100% natural high quality organic barley, it is rich in barley aroma with a slight nutty flavor. 
Citron tea is one of Korea’s most famous traditional drinks and is recognized as a specialty health product in South Korea. All citrus fruits with golden skin and rich citrus aromas are called “Golden Citron” in Korea. Kookje Honey Jin Citron Tea uses carefully selected premium Korean citrons combined with honey, to deliver a natural sweet taste and citrus aroma. Citron tea was the favourite drink of the Korean monarch King Sejong, cementing its place in the rich history of Korea.

Famous Korean Snacks

Sticking close to the vibrant, youthful nature of K-pop culture, GREAT brings you exciting Korean snacks. Kerneis Butter Popcorn is fresh popped popcorn in small, elegantly designed cups with a soft, sweet buttery flavour.

A favourite of Korean children, laver is an important snack or side dish in Korea. It is made of seaweed that grows around rocks on the ocean floor. Produced in the clean waters around Korea, it contains the ultimate nutrients from the sea. GREAT will be introducing Dongwon Seasoned Laver For Kids that contain rich nutrients.

Home-made Korean Cuisine

Dongwon Canned Tuna Salad allows you to make traditional Korean meals in your own kitchen, using only the simplest of ingredients. Made using high quality tuna, it goes well with salads or sandwiches.

Another Korean favourite is Dongwon (Gold Farm) Luncheon Meat. This luncheon meat is convenient and easy to prepare, making it perfect to enjoy at home.