The kitchen plays a very important role in Feng Shui studies, as the orientation of a stove is crucial for its effects on health, wealth and pregnancy.

Keep the stove out of the Northwest
The Northwest is not the best place to place a stove. Based on the five elements theory in Feng Shui studies, Metal symbolises the Northwest direction and stoves can be interpreted as a symbol of Fire. With Fire restricting Metal, placing these two elements together can create an imbalance. This combination is believed to bring bad fortune to the head of the family — in most cases the father. It also has a negative impact on the health of the home’s other residents, particularly in relation to the head, lungs and respiratory system.

The ideal solution is to relocate the stove, or alternatively, place simple Feng Shui settings to balance the elements. Fill a yellow-coloured, square-shaped ceramic container with eight pebbles and clean water and place it in the kitchen. This will help to reintroduce important Water and Earth elements that can calm the adversity.

Don’t put the stove in front of a window
Having a window behind the stove generally brings bad luck to wealth and monetary matters. Coming from a logical perspective, this setup is a potential fire hazard for its likelihood for gas leaks and unexpected wind blowing through an open window.

The best solution is to seal the window with bricks or relocate the stove. Another simple solution is to keep the window shut at all times and cover it with solid and non-transparent paper.

Other don’ts for the stove:
In addition to windows and direction, placing the stove directly under a ceiling beam or opposite the main entrance is considered bad Feng Shui. For multi-storey complexes, having the stove located directly beneath the master bedroom or any washroom is also not advised, as these circumstances are believed to bring bad luck to wealth and other monetary matters.

The right kitchen for pregnancy
The kitchen is related to women and pregnancy in Feng Shui studies. A stove with any broken parts or kitchen renovations during pregnancy can bring bad luck to both the expecting mother and the baby. Unfortunately, there is no Feng Shui setting to combat these circumstances. The best approach is to take extra precautions and avoid any unnecessary construction during this crucial period.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.