Some say it’s the most important room of the house. It’s the first place you go in the morning to put on the kettle and it’s the last place you go in the evening to grab a late-night snack. The kitchen deserves all of your design attention, so we’ve got some superb pieces to ensure you make the most of yours.


Quad consists of 16 wooden cubes made from either oiled walnut or maple connected by a silicone strip inserted in the underside of the cubes. The silicone ribbon is flexible, yet durable and heat-resistant. This structure allows various configurations ranging from a compact square to a widespread circular shape. Quad lets you be creative with shapes while protecting your kitchen table from hot pots and pans.

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Leather Cup Coaster

Koncept is a handmade leather brand founded by Hong Kong industrial designer Manchuen Hui in 2011. He believes that eternal products are minimalistic, functional and well crafted. The Leather Cup Coaster is no different. This coaster will certainly raise the bar of your kitchen table and is made from one piece of leather about 90mm in diameter.

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Tea is Asia’s number one casual drink. In restaurants customers will often be served hot tea rather than water, and in some cases you will be encouraged to rinse your dishes with it before eating. Abagfortea lets you enjoy any flavoured loose-tea you can imagine without the hassle of strainers. It’s also eco-friendly as you can use again and again unlike a traditional paper tea bag.

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Formal Apron

Aiste Nesterovaite introduces Aprons in the style of a business suit, designed for those who consider cooking a serious business as much as an art. The apron’s design was inspired by those among us that like multitasking and often switch back and forth between them. Now they don’t need to worry about looking formal enough in any situation, and will always look solemn and elegant.

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Prepare to usher in a new intimacy with your mug. Fusion’s svelte, natural and ergonomic design perfectly matches the contours of a natural grasp, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed clasp of your beverage container. By slipping your hand into the all-encompassing handle you become far more attached to your beverage than you may have thought possible.

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Racing Red

For those of you who fancy some quirky home decoration in your kitchen, Valérie Windeck explores the possibilities offered by digital wood carving technologies to create an object full of roundness and humour. Racing is an everyday fruit bowl and a service tray. It defies all good manners: the tray irresistibly pushes you to play with your food.

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