Coravin Wine System

Like to show off your fine wine collection, but only want your mates to have a taste of the Lafite 1982? No problem. Invented by American Greg Lambrecht, Coravin is a personal wine opening system that uses a fine surgical needle to let the cork remain undisturbed. The system inserts a needle into the cork to extract the wine, keeping the remaining liquid under pressure with safe, inert argon gas. When the needle is released, the cork reseals naturally and lets you enjoy the rest of the wine a day or a week later. Coravin is the perfect gadget for any man cave with gourmet aspirations, and is available in black, gold, silver and red.

Herman Miller: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

If you were to get one piece of furniture for your man cave, it would have to be the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. An instant classic since American architects Charles and Ray Eames designed it in 1956, the chair reigns supreme in comfort, best described as similar to a well-worn first baseman’s mitt. With a shell featuring moulded plywood in various species with seven layers of veneers, back cast and braces in die cast aluminium, a built-in swivel base and leather upholstered replaceable cushions, the armchair is best paired with its matching Ottoman for a welcoming cocoon to sink into and watch the game, listen to vinyl or just unwind.  

GIK Acoustics: 242 Acoustic Panel

If your man cave is where you let it riff or immerse yourself in live concerts with surround sound, then GIK Acoustics’ 241 Acoustic Panel provides all the necessary sound absorption without disturbing your household or the neighbours. Known as a broadband acoustic panel that absorbs the entire frequency range of sound, it has a rigid core and was made with GIK’s patented two frame system. Available in three sizes with nine fabric colours, it is 9.2 centimetres thick and contains a built-in air gap to increase low-end absorption. The panels can be mounted on walls with an integrated wire, be free-standing or ceiling mounted.

KEF: Blade Two

Nothing is more critical to a man cave than a great entertainment system. KEF’s Blade ensures that movies sound just like an IMAX theatre and concert music is virtually a live performance. Blade is the world’s first single apparent source loudspeaker, with four bass drivers configured so their combined acoustic centre occupies the same point in space as that of the Uni-Q HF/MF array. Sound seems to come from a single coherent source, resulting in lush, realistic music. Blade Two, a petite version of Blade, and ideal for compact spaces, comes in seven slick colours to match almost any décor.