Japanese culture and cuisine has long had a place in our hearts. To celebrate the passion of all of Japanese food fans, GREAT is hosting the Japanese Food Festival from today to 29 August, bringing new Japanese delicacies from the Land of the Rising Sun to your tables! Come and enjoy the authentic delicacies from Japan!

Experiencing The New Japanese Cocktail Culture

The Japanese are known for their cocktail culture as a way of unwinding and relieving stress. GREAT exclusively presents the popular Japanese beer brand, GODO, bringing you a fusion of traditional sake and contemporary cocktails.

The brand new GODO cocktails come in five different delicious flavours, all made of vodka with different types of fruit juices. Each flavour has 3% alcohol content, providing you with a pleasant cocktail experience.

The Japanese favourite, “HIGH BALL”, is a drink made of whisky and soda water. The drink is popular in Japan among all ages. GREAT is introducing the exclusive GODO HIGH BALL, a summer drink that is primarily made of wheat whisky with 7% alcohol content.

Umeshu is one of Japan’s most traditional and well-loved liqueurs, combining alcohol with Japanese ume, or apricots. The GODO OUSHUKUBAI MI-IRI DECANTER is made following a meticulous process, from growing, picking, harvesting, and steeping the ume to accentuate their aroma and taste, to using the traditional Japanese techniques to produce the best umeshu.

Cook Your Own Japanese Cuisine

GREAT has introduced a series of Japanese ingredients, letting its customers enjoy home-style Japanese food at their own dining room tables.

Shio Koji is a traditional Japanese seasoning that first appeared centuries ago in north-eastern Japan. HIKARIMISO Shio Koji BTL is fermented with Japanese rice, giving it a truly authentic taste, while the salt used is milder in taste than the usual table salt. The enzymes in shio koji make the foods softer, adding layers of delicate flavours to the finished dish.

Japanese curry traditionally has a milder flavour than curry in Hong Kong. The brand new S&B Happy Family Curry is made from a mixture of honey, apples, bananas, and milk. Simply add vegetables, potatoes and meat and the curry is ready to serve, fitting the needs of busy city dwellers. The S&B Happy Family Curry Mix (Medium Hot) is tailored for those who want a spicier flavour.

Snacks For Your Midsummer Night’s Dreams

Japanese snacks appeal to many with their colourful packaging and unique flavours. The new KIKKO Chameleon Candy is no exception, it changes from its original colour to a different colour when put into the mouth, and to make it more amazing, the different colours represent different moods!

GREAT also introduces the popular app game, “Mushroom Garden”, to Hong Kong with TOHATO SNACK CHOCO MUSHROOM. Every biscuit is chocolate flavoured and mushroom-shaped.

The brand new UHA e-ma Throat Candy is produced using a very special technique that layers more than 3001 flavoured syrups. GREAT carries three different flavours, includes juicy grape, fresh lemon and sparkling fruit.

The new MAKAWAYA CUTTLEFISH CRACKER is baked with cuttlefish. Every cracker has a cuttlefish print, and comes in a cute cuttlefish shaped wrapper, making it a truly adorable snack. There is also the MIKAWAYA OCTOPUS CRACKER with a cute octopus design, making it a favourite of adults and kids alike.