Founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi in southern Italy, Natuzzi is Italy’s biggest furniture house with seven manufacturing plants and 12 offices worldwide. Its Natuzzi Italia line of products are all made in Italy and are available in collections that can be matched for a streamlined and cohesive look, or mixed with other pieces for an eclectic ambience.

1. Herman Furnishing System’s L-shaped Sofa


Whether you use it to entertain guests, catch up with family or relax with a good selection of movies or games, a stylish and comfortable sofa is a must for the living room.

Herman Furnishing System’s L-shaped sofa was designed by Studio Memo, and features a fin-shaped external metal frame that resembles the tail of a whale– a nod to the classic novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The exposed frame forms a solid structure to the entirely fabric-clad sofa giving it functional and aesthetic flair. The sofa comes with matching coffee tables of varying proportions from the same collection.

2. Vico Lamp

Pair the sofa with the Vico lamp, a sculptural piece designed by Victor Vasilev that examines the possibilities of circular forms. Due to the delicate balance between the base and shade, the top seems to be miraculously suspended on a point. It is available in a variety of metallic finishes.

3. Murano Glass Vases

Completing the soft organic forms is Arcisi, an exclusive series of cane-blown Murano glass vases. With coloured blown glass set within an outer layer of thick clear glass, the hue is intensified for distinctive reflections and refractions. The vase is available in two sizes and two colours. 

4. Victor Vasilev

In a space where you gather to enjoy good food, fine wine and great conversation, the Leggero collection of dining tables and chairs is a great fit.

Victor Vasilev pays homage to Gio Ponti with geometric designs and slender lines in a rectangular dining table that marry perfectly with the Lisa armchair. The latter includes similarly tapered wooden legs and a curving backrest for stylish comfort.

5. Bramante Mirror

Mimicking the minimal lines of Leggero is the Bramante mirror, ideal for placement parallel to the table’s length. With a bevelled frame in anodised extruded aluminium or black oxidate, the glass is protected by an adhesive polyethylene safety film.

6. Svevo Bed

Get a restful night of slumber in a tranquil space featuring the Svevo bed, designed by Studio Memo. Slim wooden legs support the bed frame, while its sofa-like headboard wraps around the top to envelop sleepers in a cocoon of comfort.

7. Acquarello Rug

Acquarello is a naturally dyed rug that recycles hemp threads from Turkish bags utilising an ancient technique for a weathered look. The rugs come in four neutral colours that will match most décor schemes.