Yummy snacks at school

As the summer holidays come to an end, parents have to prepare children for the new school year. After a long relaxing vacation, children might have a hard time getting back to the homework routine. As a parent, how can you encourage your kids to settle back into their academic routines? How about some yummy incentives?

Kids love snacks, especially when they are deliciously fun! A good one can motivate your kid and give them the energy and focus they need for successful learning. It can also be rewarding and interesting at every bite. Here are some of our staff’s picks!

Serve snacks with children’s favourite cartoon characters from Sesame Street, including Cookie Monster Cookies in Vanilla Flavour, Big Bird’s Apple Juice or Bert & Ernie’s Berry Juice. These snacks are both scrumptious and nutritionally satisfying – a definite healthy treat for the young and active minds! To help strengthen your child’s immune system, you can also reward them with Yummi Bears.

The Yummi Bears are soft, chewy gummy vitamins and minerals that are essential for your child’s brain growth and development. Made with natural fruit flavours & colors in adorable bear shapes, parents can safely use these gummies as incentives. Replace those sugar loading candies with Yummi Bears. After all, they are wholesome nutrition that kids need everyday!