Geeks at heart, we crave the newest and most stimulating gadgets to add to our vast collections. The following list is guaranteed to inspire, with products ranging from audio devices to versatile chairs. It’s only natural to feel curious, especially when it comes to designs with amazing new functions.

Can Watch SNO

The Can Watch SNO is part of the sustainable Can Watch family; the clock-face is bigger with new number engravings. The Can Watch is not only a demonstration of stylish design, but it represents a wider social mission – the watch protects the environment through upcycling processes and provides less privileged citizens of Hong Kong with skilled jobs. It’s a gadget with a greater purpose.

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Toaster Speaker

Tree-Labs, a Swiss company dedicated to wireless audio solutions, brings you the TOASTER Speaker – an audio speaker that looks just like a miniature toaster. The vintage design mixes an old style with new technology. It connects instantly to all your devices wirelessly and is 100% portable! Tree-Labs are devoted to delivering the highest quality sound so that you may dance to your heart’s delight.

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Tool Pen

The Mininch Tool Pen is a revolutionary product that condenses your tool box into a single item. The tool pen is compact, lightweight, and portable, allowing the user to have his tools on hand at all times. It is designed with a cartridge system; simply purchase new parts to insert into your tool pen – making it cost-effective and space-saving.

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Magnifier Cup Holder Clip

This cup holder clip fits various-sized containers including milk bottles, juice boxes and baby learning cups. It can be easily fixed on to a baby car, baby high-chair, or any table. It is an fun and quirky design that is easy to use and looks great too. The amount of times we find ourselves fumbling with our coffee cups whilst on-the-go is the scenario responsible for this great design.

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Esington Glass

Esington Glass is the name given to a beautiful productivity gadget by Rudy Marsh. It is a timer designed to encourage productivity in short and healthy bursts. It was inspired by Rudy’s lifelong battle to combat his own procrastination issues. The timer promotes a system called ‘time-boxing,’ – a simple but effective technique that helps you focus on a specific task for 25 minute periods.

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Exocet Chair

A revolutionary piece of furniture by Stéphane Leathead, lead designer and creative director of Designarium, the Exocet Chair is both elegant an amazingly metamorphic. The chair is more than meets the eye; it consists of a rotatable core that allows the user to change the bench to a desired shape. How many ways can you think of arranging chair? It’s modern versatility, shape, and style agree with today’s idea of a useful gadget – although it is a super-sized one!

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.