Feng Shui takes in consideration many aspects of data in forecasts and predictions.

When it comes to applying feng shui for properties, calculations for ROI prosperity or residential luck applies different data in the calculations and forecast. The yearly locations of auspicious stars can be used to understand the ROI potentials of specific districts. When it comes to picking out the area call home, birth dates or birth charts can be used to locate the homes that best suit its residents.
Where should you live?

With reference to the birth month or the season that you were born, you can locate areas that better suits your luck.  With the sky-rocketing property market, feng shui insight might shed some light on your next move.

*The Chinese Almanac Calendar, or the Lunar Calendar, is used as reference for birth months.

Look Upon the Stars
Feng Shui for property investments focuses on the ROI potentials of the specific districts. Investment forecasts are based on the location of auspicious stars that changes annually, it is important to cross-check the star chart regularly. Under the influence of the stars, outlook for these are looking positive for 2013 Year of Snake.