Nowadays we live in a world of “thingternet”, where devices are connected through the internet and communicate with each other. Who knew the time would come when your fridge could talk to your smartphone? The concept of a smart home may be foreign and complicated for some people, but there are simple and cheap ways to take your home automation and security to the next level. Other than saving money in the long run, a smart home can even potentially increase the value of your property!

Smart Lock

With Smart Lock, you never have to worry about losing your keys and getting locked out again. Using keyless technology, the Smart Lock automatically opens the door for you as it senses you and your smartphone approaching. Since you can access the locks from your smartphone or computer, you can even let people into your home when you’re not physically there. Convenience aside, the Smart Lock also enhances your home security system, as it takes photos of visitors at your door and sends real-time photo alerts to your smartphone.

Smart TV

For those unfamiliar with the term, a smart TV refers to a television set that is connected to the internet. Other than streaming internet videos on the big screen, you can access social media channels and even skype with friends on your TV screen. Even if you lose your remote control, you can use the voice-recognition software to change the channels.

Wifi and Touchscreen Refrigerator

In this day and age, even your fridge has become smart. It may have been a cool box to store food in the past, but nowadays wifi-enabled refrigerators are equipped with an 8” touchscreen that lets you access several apps from your refrigerator door. While you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can also check the weather, look for recipes online and create a grocery list at the same time.

The Nest

The Nest is not your average thermostat – instead of manually changing the temperature at home, the Nest learns from your temperature changing behavior in order to create an optimum temperature for you. The smart home thermostat also helps you save money and energy in the long run, as it sends you notifications on temperature rates that conserve energy. As the Nest is connected to Wifi and has an iOS and Android interface, you can access it remotely through your smartphone, tablet or computer. On hot summer days, you can even turn on the aircon a few minutes before arriving home to cool down quickly!


If you want to keep an eye on your child or pet at home, you can install Dropcam, which is a cloud-based wifi video monitoring system. Other than providing live streaming services, Dropcam includes night vision, a built-in microphone and a speaker which you can communicate with people at home and a scheduling system to record videos at specific times of the week. Since Dropcam is connected with your smartphone, you can access it anywhere in the world.