With several lucky stars watching over us in 2013, forecasts for the Year of Snake is encouraging, compared to the shaky 2012, the Year of Dragon.

The Year of Snake is filled with opportunities and excitements. With luck on wealth and finances, active transactions in investment and property sectors are expected.  Hot money will be a major contributor for growth among stock markets.

Although the Year of Snake will create a less resisting environment for government policies, momentum that ripples off from the exhilarating market will override any anti-speculative measures. Small to mid-sized properties will be in the spot-light, with demands for retail space and parking spots continue to grow.

The Year of Snake can be a great year for the opportunists. On the other side of that same token, sharp turns and surprises can be found throughout the year. Understand your bearable risks and make note of potential changes. After all, it will take courage and swift actions to prosper from this vigorous snake.

Excitement and ROI aside, inflation will be a hot topic in the coming year. Property investment has always been a desirable approach to counteract inflations. Don’t get carried away by the prosperous outlook of the market. Abrupt changes may bring catastrophic results if you are looking for fast returns.

Monthly Forecasts

Note: Feng Shui Calculations are based on Chinese Almanac Calender, the above periods have been converted dates to the Georigian calender