Pokémon Go has finally made its debut in Hong Kong on Monday July 25!! Though many have already anticipated the craze, saying Pokémon has taken the world by storm is certainly an understatement. Someone has already coined the business opportunities brought on by Pokémon Go ‘Pokéconomy’.

The possibilities are endless… In Japan, fast food giant McDonald’s becomes the game’s first sponsor which involves turning its 3,000 branches into Pokémon Gyms, thus drawing in more customers, and of course, business.

In order to waste no time and capture as many Pokémon as possible, there are now Uber-style driving services in various countries that take trainers on the road in search of Pokémon. This has created a win-win situation where drivers can earn a buck, while trainers don’t get themselves run over by cars.

In Canada, home owners are using Pokémon Gym and Pokéstops as selling points when posting a sale. Not sure if this will boost sales but this will definitely increase the number of house viewing and drive traffic.

While in Hong Kong, retail shops and even tutorial schools are jumping on the Pokémon bandwagon and are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities. They simple place a lure module in their showrooms or different branches to lure customers in and shop along the way.

Is Pokémon Go helping your business?