From the regal refurbishments of House Lannister to the icy interiors of the Night King and his White Walkers, this is how your favourite Game of Thrones characters would style their homes in 2019.

Game of Thrones may be coming to an end in a matter of weeks (where has the time gone?!), but that doesn’t mean our passion for the show has to die with the White Walkers (and whoever else is certain to perish before the season finale).

Modsy, a virtual interior design startup, is keeping the dream alive by reimagining how the homes of the pivotal characters would appear in 2019.

House Stark

Boasting a moody grey and white colour palette true to the Stark’s home of Winterfell, this reimagined bedroom space is as warm and cosy as it once appeared (you know, before the Lannisters appeared and kicked off this whole mess).

With a crackling stone fireplace, cosy fur throws and warm wooden touches, the space appears a welcoming retreat during any long and brutal winter.

“The space has an honest and utilitarian vibe to it, much like the Starks, but it doesn’t lack in warmth or personal touches (as evident by the prominently displayed wolf portrait),” says Alessandra Wood, director of style at Modsy. “Elements of rustic wood, leather hides, fur, and antlers are all ones that can be foraged from the land.”

As the Starks descended from a great builder, Bran the Builder, items that exude an artisan or handmade look can be found throughout the room. “Nothing is over the top or overdone,” adds Alessandra.

House Lannister

Modsy describes the style of modern-day House Lannister as ‘Mediterranean meets colonial traditional’. Lannister red and gold features heavily throughout the space, as does wine, because the Lannister clan are rarely ever seen without a goblet of wine in their hands, right?

“The desk area would serve as a perfect place for Cersei to settle her debts, plan future conquerings and murders or host intimate meetings to discuss the affairs of the house,” says Alessandra. “On the desk sits a scale – a recognisable element that a Lannister always pays their debts.”

Wealthy and materialistic, the Lannister home features elements of bone inlay, mixed woods, expensive metals and detailed carved woods for a rustic yet luxurious vibe.

House Tyrell

House Tyrell’s love for gardens and beautiful botanicals shines through in this reimagined space, most notably by the way of the rich green wallpaper and the fresh blooms that decorate almost every surface. Vintage-inspired is mixed with modern prints and lighting sources for a cohesive look.

“The Tyrells always dressed for the occasion, so we’ve woven in elements from their fashion into this space. Despite the fact that it is covered in florals, the space feels bold which reflects the cunning power of the Tyrells, and their memorable female leadership.”

House Targaryen

“Although the Targaryan past is far from peaceful, we wanted this room to feel somewhat calming and romantic,” says Alessandra. “It’s the perfect space for Daenerys to retreat to while fighting to rule the Seven Kingdoms. The softer, more feminine colour palette mixed with eclectic and industrial elements tells Daenerys’ story of her rise to the top.”

Many of the features in the Khaleesi’s room are reflective of each group she has led. There’s eclectic and boho elements to represent her Dothraki days, fire and dragon egg ornaments to represent her as the Mother of Dragons, and mixed metals and armour-like decor reflective of the Unsullied.

White Walkers

Though chic in appearance, there’s no denying this place is still just as creepy as the Night King and his army of White Walkers. It appears ice cold with a colour palette of white and cool blues, and with hard lines at every turn, looks sharp, like even the couch might hurt to sit on.

Alessandra says: “The contrast of deep dark blues and blacks mixed with pops of white bring the drama while still feeling accessible to the living.”