Household Energy in Face ReadingProperty Palace
Understanding household energy through your eyes
It is common that people apply home settings to boost the flow of positive energy into their properties. Getting an insight of the flow of energy in our living areas enables us to have a good early preparation. Interestingly, one of the easiest ways to predict household feng shui is by looking at your own face – hence face reading.

It’s your own Palace
Let’s look in the mirror and take a look at the area between your eyebrows and your eyes. This area is known as the “Property Palace”. The size, coloration and condition of the “Property Palace” reveal secrets of your home, as well as, the happenings at your property.

A man’s left eyelid reveals his home matters and the right side refers to his partner’s. The other way round are for women. If a man has thick eyebrows and sunken eyes, it may imply that his wife is the dominant at home.

Size and Color Matter
The average size of this area should fit for one finger space. Flat and wide eyelids indicate having spacious properties or living in higher elevations in high-rise apartments, while narrow eyelids indicate having difficulty in accumulating wealth.

In the study of face reading, the color tone of your “Property Palace” reveals the recent energy at your home. A greenish shade appears when there is negativity towards family health; when there’s auspicious energy, the same area will have a tint of red or yellow.

Abnormality in this same region also refers to the possibilities of certain incidents. Pimples or spots showing in this area indicate higher chance for household misfortunes such as fire accident or water leakage. When this occurs, it is suggested to take extra caution towards household safety. If there are moles or dark pigments on the eyelid, it may imply difficulty towards property purchase, or a higher chance for burglary.

If your face reading result was not as positive as you’d prefer, don’t stress. There are always other ways to manage risks, minimize impacts, and strengthen positive energy. If you would like to learn more about inviting good luck and positivity to home, check out “The Case for De-cluttering” at